Project CARS Targeting 1080p/60fps on PS4 & Xbox One But Won't Compromise Awesome Racing Stuff

"Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS has been garnering its fair share of attention ever since the decision was made to also release it for next gen consoles."

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zeal0us1403d ago

Sweet, I hope this game turns out great.

GarrusVakarian1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

Wow, 1080 @ 60fps would be great. I knew they would be aiming for 60fps but i wasn't too sure on 1080p too, let's hope they hit that target.


True dat, true dat.

SlavisH21403d ago

They dont have to worry about rushing to make launch like other devs so i expect quality to increase alot.

Callediceman1403d ago

@slavish, i totally agree as of this moment im literally playing Project Battlefield 4. maybe when they complete project cars they will name it Finished cars as a lil message to some devs. lol

GrizzliS19871403d ago

all these casuals, with their fps and res and blah blah. noone ever questions the physics and what they might turn out, how the cars will handle under and over steering, etc.

Goes to show how much value all your opinions carry.

Which is exactly why there are even comparisons of forza to gt and etc etc. None of these games but maybe 2 or 3 on PC can match the physics GT brings.

Keep the rest of arcade sims out of this, and other than the pretty pics project cars brings, im yet to see full fledged proof that the cars handle correctly, and until then, you can keep discussing your pointless frames and resolutions

Callediceman1403d ago

GrizzliS1987 i will comment on the physics etc when i actually have that information in hand.. we are commenting on the article which states they are gunna try to get it to run 60 fps 1080p nothing more nothing less.. since the only real way to judge phsyics is to play the game i will not go on some spiteful tirade about those who havnt asked those questions. and since i cant tell anything about physics with a (pretty)picture i will hold back any judgment until I play the game.

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Moncole1403d ago

They should focus on framrate before resolution.

MidnytRain1403d ago

From the benchmarks I saw this game isn't very demanding. Though, 60fps is double 30fps, so if this game is taxing at all then some corners will be cut. Looks like some devs will be opting for frame rate > graphics this gen.

AngelicIceDiamond1403d ago

Isn't that the point of next gen though? 60 frames 1080P with out sacrificing anything?

Either way this is great.

Metal gear 60frames

Dying light achieving 1080P 60 frames

Next gen is looking good so far.

GDDR6_20141403d ago

Sorry to disappoint you

Infamous second son 30 FPS
Watch dogs 30 FPS
Tomb raider "definitive edition" 30 FPS
Ac4 30 FPS
Need for speed rivals 30 FPS

Aery1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

Can't disagree more with your attitude ...

JackVagina1402d ago

Yet they all still look and run great and are very much playable.

MidnytRain1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

There has to be compromise. You are unlikely to have stellar graphical effects, high resolutions, AND high frame rates. In fact, 9/10 times, you only get two of those three things unless you have some serious hardware.

H0RSE1402d ago

It's like the triangle for choosing cycling gear - light, durable, cheap.

Pick 2, because you can't have all 3.

mike32UK1403d ago

There is no such thing as unlimited power, everything has limits

frostypants1403d ago

Every decision requires sacrifice somewhere. If you run at a certain resolution and framerate, you will not be able to hit the same level of detail and effects that you could otherwise hit at lower res/framerate. Simple logic.

It's not like these systems or even high end PCs set some magical floor where the laws of processing bandwidth cease to apply.

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