Why The Wii U’s Failure Won’t Change Nintendo

The Wii U’s poor sales performance is hardly news anymore, but last month’s arrival of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 brought Nintendo’s predicament into sharp relief. Sony and Microsoft touted their new machines as the best- and fastest-selling consoles in November, respectively, whereas Nintendo simply chose to tell the world that Wii U sales were up 340 percent on the previous month. Given that October figures were said to have been around a dismal 50,000 units, and that November includes Black Friday and the release of the Wii U's biggest and best game to date, Super Mario 3D World, the statistic is less than reassuring.

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BALLBAGS1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

they will definitely if they get a chance to put out a new console learn from the wii u

question is when can they put out a new console? can't be for a few years as the wii u is their 'next generation' console to compete with ps4 /Xbox One, so they have to see it through and not upset current owners.

Nintendo are stubborn but I hope Nintendo learns from this

by the way great read from theverge kudos

dedicatedtogamers1646d ago

The Wii-U is selling slower than the Gamecube did in its 2nd year. That's pretty terrible.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

U are the bill gates of bubbles..

Nintendo is hard headed.

Good to see reggies real eyes for a change.

herbs1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Maybe the Wii U will end up like the 3DS a year or so of doom and gloom and then Pow right in the kisser...
As in doom and gloom gloaters eating there words lol...

deafdani1645d ago

I don't kniw how much did the Gamecube sell on its second year, but Wii U's second year of life is barely starting right now, so I don't really understand your comment.

herbs1645d ago

The Wii U sold more consoles in its first year in Japan compared to the PS3s first year in Japan...
The PS3 ended up being a complete failure to right guys right...

CAB1802theWiiUdefend1645d ago

Remember, the GameCube launched with Killer Apps
the Wii U didn't

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darthv721646d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

the ironic part is you had this group of gamers that really said the wii needed to be an Hd system and nintendo delivered with the wii-u. But now that same group is no longer concerned with the wii in HD they say it HAS to be equal to or greater than the PS4/XB1.

There is no rule that whatever a company releases has to meet the demands of the consumer from a technical POV. There is however an internal scope that the platform must meet in order to warrant a release.

Wii-u surpasses the wii on every level and has earned the designation of a next gen platform in regards to the previous platform. it has the games that show its potential but with so many fixated on a MS vs Sony front....they are being misguided in what is/not next gen.

Next gen by the very virtue of the name implies creating an environment or experience that exceeds the abilities of the previous gen. nintendo is doing that and those who understand the real roots of gaming are taking the wait and see approach instead of buying on faith that the gaming experience will evolve over the course of the platform.

there is a misconception here that people are confusing power with quality. Power is exactly that...power. Quality comes from creativity which is not bound by the limits of power but by the limits of the individual and their own personal drive. Some (if not many) of the best games were derived not on the power of a system but the willingness of the creative team to make it happen no matter the technical limits.

Respect to nintendo for continuing to deliver quality over technical prowess.

thehitman1645d ago

To counter your argument I can say that the Wii success was inflated by non-gamers and that the appeal of the Wii was a fad that passed that Nintendo did not acknowledge. They created a new platform like the last late in the ps3/360 cycle that was only able to barely compete with them. They have no reputable online service and features that appeals to gamers across the board. They released with almost no appealing games. No new IPs. Little to none third party support. I could say Nintendo doesnt deliever in quality or quantity which is why they are suffering at the moment. None of the issues that were with the gamecube were addressed during the Wii's life cycle that they had the opportunity to fix. Now those problems reared their head back and it became worse.

I played SNES when I was a kid. I owned N64 thought it was the best console ever. I bought a gamecube, biggest disappointment ever and I never looked back after that moving to playstation. Nintendo has a disconnect with their fan base and what new fans looking in might want. Sadly I believe this is a lost gen cycle for them and unless they change their stubborn ways they will die out of the console market over the next 10 years.

zero_gamer1645d ago

No wonder the 3DS is struggling in sales, it's so underpowered...

Oh wait.

Concertoine1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Well said.
I think its awesome that they decided to do something different... rather than another black box with another usual controller. Nothing wrong with that, but with 2 of those already competing heatedly on the market, i feel like things would be a lot less interesting without wii u. Its the kind of features and games it has that gives it real identity, something i felt was lacking the last 2 gens, especially the last.
The wii was interesting, but the power really held them back, and thats something the wii u is packing.

Beastforlifenoob1645d ago

How is Nintendo creative for rehashing the Mario, zelda, metroid, kirby,pokemon,etc,etc, characters over and over again.

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Ittoryu1645d ago

I don't know but when they do they need to stop gimping their damn hardware and spend some of that enormous jack they got stored away.

herbs1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Everyone is way to focused on hardware specs and graphics and not actual meaningful ways to improve gameplay. I am completely happy with Nintendos strategy (lateral thinking using withered technology) the Gamepad is great, lack of third party support however is a real bummer...
Its great the PS4 and Xbone sold really well but it sucks that the most popular game for those systems sold by far is COD. Oh look this shitty rehash looks like 10% better, apparently that qualifies as next gen for at least 50% of console gamers.

Rainstorm811646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

the Wii_U name doomed the device.....many people still think its just a tablet for the wii.....Nintendo underestimated the uninformed , which happens to be their number 1 market

BTW that Reggie picture is nightmarish

tigertron1646d ago

That wasn't the only factor that led to the demise of the Wii U, but it was significant as it sounds like an add on.

I still live in hope that one day Nintendo will learn from this and make us a hardcore gaming machine again.

ThePsychoGamer1646d ago

And if that ends up being true, I will not support Nintendo's next console either.

NopeAvi1646d ago

Well that's a loaded assumption. Only 100,00 behind the PS4 this week and currently performing above the PS3 and PS Vita, and it's a failure?

Imonaboat11645d ago

You do realize ps4 is sold out everywhere and its still outselling the Wii u right?

awesomeabe19981645d ago

Wait so when a console sells out, it is supposed to sell less? I thought selling out was good? Pathetic

I don't want to sound fanboyish, but can't Sony ship more than 300k consoles to the whole world like Nintendo can?

Agent_hitman1646d ago

the photo is creepy.. reminds me of Lavander town and it's music while looking at this picture.

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