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Legacy of Kain: Nosgoth - 'War Is Upon Us' Closed Alpha Trailer

Square Enix has released a trailer for Nosgoth; its team-based humans vs vampires PVP action game based on the Legacy of Kain series. (Nosgoth, PC)

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BluP  +   501d ago
I didn't like the idea, but this looks great! Can't wait!
lociefer  +   500d ago
no, no , no , and no ,hheeellll no , scrap that, give us a proper sequel
BoriboyShoGUN  +   500d ago
While I agree sir, this is better then nothing. And hopefully it does well so they can bring back one of my most beloved game series!! :D
Baka-akaB  +   500d ago
i'll never believe that . When has a vastly different spin off or reboot from a serie not taken over completely the old franchise when successful ?
BoriboyShoGUN  +   500d ago
Im just glad Im seeing something at all for now. All these garbage games being released on a daily basis, and we still cant get a proper sequel to a Classic???
Sam Fisher  +   500d ago
I agree with you but persona was a spin off to shinmegami tensei and that was successful
Baka-akaB  +   499d ago
True but i'm talking about cases were the original or pular serie is all but dead and ignored . Atlus never stoppd released Shin megami tensei titles among the other spin offs .

In cases like this (or suikoden , or shining force , or phantasy star "offline" ) etc etc ... the reboot or spin off is usually definitively taking over the old franchise . And then the publisher decides to axe the serie if the spin off doesnt work , whatever the quality of the game itself .

Or just leave the old style in the dust , if the spin off proves successful .

Again i'd rather have nothing , over a bad game reshaping a franchise and taking over
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Pozzle  +   494d ago
I'm just scared that if this game doesn't sell well, Square Enix will see it as a failure and bury the LoK series forever :(
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hulk_bash1987  +   500d ago
Hopefully this will do well enough to let whoever needs to know that there is still interest in the franchise. Therefore using this as a spring board for a proper main entry release.
kevnb  +   500d ago
they should do that, but this is cool too.
Seraphim  +   500d ago
this is an Aprils Fool joke right? No doubt. ridiculous. This has tank written all over it. Proper sequel please.
twdll  +   500d ago
Im not into vampires at all, but this looks fun.. The original Legacy was legit.
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princejb134  +   500d ago
judging by the trailer vampires have the advantage in every situation
they can climb walls teleport and are super fast with one hit kill
Snookies12  +   500d ago
I want Soul Reaver 3...
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   500d ago
Raziel: What madness is this!? What pitiful game am I force to inhabit!? Death would be a release next to this travesty.....
Shad0wRunner  +   500d ago
Kain will return....one of these days.

But it's gonna take the right developer, with the right vision to pull it off. The chances of getting the main cast back together, are slim. Raziel entered the sword, so his character is no longer needed. He fulfilled his purpose. Moebius is dead and there aint no time travelling thats gonna bring him back...so Richard Doyle is no longer needed to voice that character. In fact, most of the characters were wiped out, by the end of the final game. If they did a proper sequel to Defiance, it would have to feature Kain as the main protagonist, with the Soul Reaver. They might have Michael Bell come back to do some voice overs for Raziel...if they keep him telepathically linked to Kain, via the Soul Reaver. Tony Jay died a few years ago...so they'd have to find a close match for the Elder God...if he is to make another appearance. The Hylden were defeated, so a new evil would have to emerge as the antagonist.

Theres so many ways they could do this. So many directions they could take it. But one thing remains a constant fact...they'd have to get Simon Templeman to sign on to reprise his lead role in the series, as Kain. Without him...there is no Kain. No other voice would be good enough.

Once this Nosgoth game bombs, maybe someone will look into doing a sequel to Defiance or a reboot. But naww...this Nosgoth game is a joke. I wont be playing it.
altra4u  +   500d ago
Dear lord... WHYYY would you destroy such an amazing thing with commercialized crap like this. While I haven't played it and admit that a pvp component would have been nice, but only if it was part of an actual legacy game. Geez guys come on don't destroy this franchise...
k2d  +   500d ago
Sad excuse for a Legacy of Kain game, even for a spin off. Makes me angry >:(
CursedHero  +   500d ago
Heaven is a place on Earth? I mean, can't we all get along. WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?!?!?
DVAcme  +   500d ago
Yes, because when I think of Legacy Of Kain, I think deathmatch -_- Squeenix, save this stuff for Just Cause 3(which would be A_M_A_Z_I_N_G with PvP).

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