GTA 5 Voted Least Favourite Christmas Game

NowGamer: "Killzone: Shadow Fall, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Dead Rising 3 also found themselves in the top five."

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aquamala1317d ago

makes more sense reading the article

"videogames parents do not want to buy their children"

BiggCMan1317d ago

Nah it's cause it wasn't the megaton that the media made it out to be ^_^

I be trollin', they hatin'....

BiggCMan1317d ago Show
PersonMan1317d ago

Because everyone bought it when it came out. I don't want it for Christmas either... I already have it!

DVAcme1317d ago

Exactly. When the game already has hit over A BILLION in sales on the first week, I doubt there's still anyone left to be late to the party.

MadSientist891317d ago

like anyone is going to buy this game to their kids...

DVAcme1317d ago

You are obviously not Puertorican, my friend. I'm from the island, and I've seen 8 year-old kids guffawing at shanking hookers in San Andreas.

spike1317d ago

This is Game Of The Year. Everyone has it.

il-JumperMT1317d ago

Saint Rows 4 > GTA 5

Anyone who bought GTA5 is just a tool, quite amusing how these tools call out people who buy COD: Ghosts when both of them does not deserve any sales so the company learns to produce a real game.

Scatpants1317d ago

Saints Row 4 sucked in just about every way possible.

DVAcme1317d ago

I respect your opinion, even though it's wrong.

LordMaim1316d ago

You are both wrong. Saints Row IV was awesome for an entirely different and ridiculous reason than GTA V was. However GTA V was an overall better game. Both were great, and deserve to be played.

Now since I've alienated both camps, I await the disagrees, confident that I've at least allied both sides against the middle. :)