Mario Kart 8 screenshots

Nintendo has released some beautiful new screenshots from Mario Kart 8.

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abzdine1614d ago

looks really nice and i'm sure this game will be great fun :D It's a game i have to buy.
On PS3 we got ModNation Racers, looks amazing and really my favorite kart game racer. Hope they make a second one.

Monolith1614d ago

Have you played little big planet karting. That game is sooooooo awesome! Very hard too. Check it out! Real cheap now.

abzdine1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

@Monolith: i actually have it in my DD after i got it for free on PS+ but i dont know i prefered the gameplay of MNR.
i might need to get back to LBPK.. thanks 4 the reminder

123pol1614d ago

it's current gen now since all "next gen consoles" are out.. ;)
gonna be fun to play :P

JodyCones1614d ago

Wii U and PS4 are the way to go people!

GoPanthers9991614d ago

You mean X1 and Wii U :-).

Toman851614d ago

Why not PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC like I have done? :P

roland821614d ago

Sony fanboys always finds away to bring up ps4.

Venox20081613d ago

best combo this gen, plus a pc if you can afford it :)

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PSNrandom151614d ago

Love them next gen stairs ;)

Beastforlifenoob1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

This is not next gen buddy sorry to say.
The images im looking at are infested with jaggies and there is obviously no type of anti aliasing. The geometry of the characters is fairly simple and things have most details "textured" in rather than actually modelled. There is very minimal signs of any bump,normal or displacement mapping present in the images. The lighting effects suit the style I will admit and having enviromentally physical based shaders is a nice touch but its not something we havent seen befrore. The clouds and sky are incredibly unrealistic as they are simple skyboxes rather than particle based dynamic clouds or sky/weather. As far as I can tell the game does not appear to have any sort of damage or realistic physical damage to any of the vechiles asthetically or physically which doesnt simply "destroy" the car but rather degrades certain aspects of it. There is very little proof of post processing effects such as bloom, cinematic grain, colour grading, sub surface scattering, bokeh, Depth of field, shadow/point light reflections, image basd reflections,foliage/cloth simulations, motion blur.

Please don't try and call this simple casual title "next gen". Nothing in the game is revolutionary, new or advanced.

R00bot1613d ago

Are you serious? It's Mario Kart.
The game is more fun than any game that has all those fancy effects you stated.

Why would you want vehicle damage in Mario Kart?

Why would you want bloom in any game? The movie industry spent millions of dollars trying to prevent bloom.

Why would you even care if the game has any of those things?
As long as the game is FUN then it's a good game. We don't want a tech demo, we want fun.

Neonridr1613d ago

I highly doubt these are 1080p screens. Otherwise they would fill my 1080p monitor when I click on them, which they don't.

I will reserve judgement until I get to play it, but from off screen videos we have seen of the game being played, it looks incredibly smooth and personally I think the game has never looked better.

I wouldn't want photo-realistic graphics for Mario Kart. I am not playing Gran Turismo 6. Nintendo games are always about colour and vibrancy, which this game has in spades.

Picture #4 is my personal favorite. The lighting effects look top notch.

MsmackyM1613d ago

@beastforlifenoob, go play a painting.

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for we are many1614d ago

Beside the well known and loved Game play and control quality of MK franchise, MK 8's graphics look really super impressive with huge inventive levels and use of different vehicles and gravity tricks. This is shaping up to be the best iteration of the franchise and at least on par with the level of quality and attention to detail seen in the recent SM3DW. Excellent job Nintendo!

ape0071614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Amazing on every level, that's what happen when u combine good technology with great game design skills,

this look to be the best MK game since double dash and mk64

oh and also dat DK trailer

wiiu is freakin amazing, hope sales pick up big time

XboxFun1614d ago

Wow, that is some hot sex going on in those screenshots. THIS is what should have been on WiiU day ONE!

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