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GarrusVakarian1826d ago

Yep, if there's one thing that will make EA change their ways it's the thought of losing their precious money....because they sure don't listen to anything else.

thekhurg1826d ago

Bad part is, we gamers are till left in the cold. The lawsuit is only for stock holders, not for refunds to those of us that wasted money on a broken product...

Shake_Zula1826d ago

Well, EA aside, you also have to take in account the massive nature of the game. Pretty much everything is exceptional in BF4 when it works.
- 64 players in a server
- Every map is dynamic
- Audio fidelity is pretty amazing
- Graphical fidelity for the scale of what is going on is awesome
- Nearly everything in the game has a degree of destructibility
- Wavy water in MP (for those that do not know, this is EXTREMELY hard to do in an online environment)
- And to top it all off, this is in a brand new engine running in 4 different architectures on 5 different machines.

Look, my point is this: Yes, while it has bugs - game-breaking ones - you can't argue that DICE consistently is pushing the envelope here. And if you really look into this lawsuit, it basically is a butt-hurt investor that is pissed that other projects are being put on hold to devote time to fixing BF4.

So, if you really want a game in which the studio plays it safe, and doesn't change it up much, go play Call of Duty.

Gh05t1826d ago


It's not just about investors that are butt hurt. This is about the fact that based on statements made EA stock rose. Then EA employees ssold some stock. Then the bad press hits and the stock drops significantly. I think it was over 3.5 points. Thos is troubleing to major share holders who then investigated the situation and found grounds to sue. Not to mention the statements made during financial discussions were false and/or exaggerated. These are things that a public company can't do. This has Zero to do with games or gamers this is all business that just happens to be games.

indysurfn1826d ago

Yeah they sound like they must have hired Peter Molyneux from fable to oversee the project. No wait Peter never fixed Fable he just bragged that 98 percent of games don't get finish anyway, so why fix it.

That reminds me there was some douchbags defending it just like this one. And I said it will happen more if people accept it. And here we are.

alexkoepp1826d ago

While I agree that they deserve criticism, honestly getting sued over battlefield is not a positive thing for the franchise at all. If you want a better battlefield suing the publisher is not the way to get it...

PsylentKiller1826d ago

I just called EA again about 20 minutes ago. There was nothing they could do for a refund because they didn't sell me the game. However, they did offer to give me a sealed copy of the game in exchange for the physical copy that I had. They said it would take about two weeks for me to get it.
I went to The GameStop I bought it from instead. They gave me a full refund with my receipt.
I called Microsoft immediately after hanging up with EA. I told them that I was upset with Microsoft because they had told me in another conversation that they could not refund the game or the premium membership:

1. Because it was a digital copy.
2. That I would still have the license for the game even after the refund.
3. EA made a statement that they are the sole reason for the game being broken, so they have no obligation to refund anything.
4. EA makes the game, they received my money even though I bought it through the Xbox Store. Xbox doesn't make a profit from digital third party games sold through their store.

The representative from Microsoft, that I spoke with today, was very polite and professional. He said "Here's what I can do for you today. I can refund you the money for Battlefield 4 and you can keep your premium membership for when you decide to purchase Battlefield 4 later on. " I asked if I could get a refund for the premium as well and he said yes. "

I now have $119.24 on my Microsoft account. I also no longer have the license for Battlefield 4. I tried to play Battlefield 4 after I hung up with them and it asks if I am the owner of this game. When I view the game in the store, it no longer says installed but buy $59.99 instead. So, they can return digital purchases after all.

Muffins12231826d ago

All companys are the same,all of them want money...some are just better at hiding it like sony

SilentNegotiator1826d ago

This suit is going to set some very important precedent questions for the future.

"When is a game unacceptable?" "Who decides what that is?" "What is considered a timely patch and are patches to crucial problems acceptable even in a timely manner?"

EeJLP-1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I don't understand why this is front page news every day. When I played BF4 on PS4, there weren't many issues. I just got booted back to the XMB a bunch of times.. maybe 10, 20 times, who knows. But with the amount of games I played, it didn't really bother me at all. I just restarted the game and jumped back into another match a minute later.

Big whoop, boo hoo, let's sue /s. Maybe others are having bigger issues, but I didn't notice any personally. Smooth campaign and a few random boots from MP, nothing worthy of front page news and lawsuits.

asmith23061826d ago

@Shake, I agree with all you have said and I think DICE are great developers but EA has to take the hit here. BF4 should not have been released in this state. I play it on PS4 and after 3 or so updates it is still buggy as hell, and I can't even play the DLC. I would rather have it come out in march so I could invest my €70 in something else while I waited for BF.

Kleptic1826d ago

Shake_Zula...have you read the lawsuit reasoning from the different articles about this?

Investors are suing because EA lied about the strength of the title...As a consumer, you can argue about how great and innovative bf4 is...when it works...until you're blue in the face...

but when a company actively takes in money, and actively campaigns capital investors with an upcoming product that is going to make hundreds of millions of dollars...and DOESN'T point out that there fundamental programming flaws with said product...which results in very poor public image, and consumers actively demanding full refunds...

they get in trouble...thats all this is...people bought in to EA before BF4 released while being led to believe it was a wise investment opportunity...Obviously, if EA said, 'well hold off, because the game is truly broken right now'...No one would have a problem...but guess what EA did?

Ares84HU1826d ago

I hope they win and EA ends up paying 2x the amount they made on BF4.

It's time for DICE to look for a new publisher.

Say, Sony Computer Entertainment....

Neonridr1826d ago

I think some people here are confused. The lawsuit isn't being filed by angry gamers. This is by investors, completely unrelated to the fact that the game works part of the time.

The suit is due to allegations that EA lied or gave misleading statements to increase their appeal.

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Naga1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I agree, and I hope the suit succeeds; it would serve as a referendum on all publishers who release unfinished products under the guise of a supposedly complete experience.

However... with that said, I have to say that I'm not sure that it will be successful. Most people don't know that courts often weigh issues of public policy when coming to their decisions. While we as gamers would agree that the public policy is in our favor, I don't know that a court would agree. Imagine the rise in judicial action that would take place if this motion were to succeed - almost every publisher who failed to release a perfectly finished product would potentially be subject to legal liability. A court would look at that end-state and immediately give it the stink-eye. They would much rather we, as the consumers assume the risk of purchase and obtain our recourse through other means.

Speaking of which, there is either an express or implied warranty of merchantability with any sale of goods. So, unless we're somehow hoping for massive punitive damages in this case - which would be unlikely for the aforementioned reasons - the only damages any of the plaintiffs here would have a chance in recovering would be the opportunity to return their game for a full reimbursement.

I know that's hardly a satisfying result, but perhaps the bad press that flows from this lawsuit will accomplish the end result we seek. After all, it's not really about the money - it's about the games.

- Humble opinion of a gaming law student.

Tetsujin1826d ago

I'm gonna play Devils Advocate;

EA/Dice is actively trying to fix the game, and while no product is 100% customers need to stop thinking they're entitled to something because of a game that's bound to have some sort of issue(s). There's other games (some worse) which didn't have some sort of Law Suit (Fallout comes to mind) yet they get a free pass. I'm sure if people spend the 5 minutes to read the EULA at the end of a lot of manuals it will mention something about no product is without some sort of flaws that wasn't caught before release.

If you feel the game is that bad, vote with your wallet, and stop wasting time/money. I guarantee these people are the ones who go all day badmouthing EA yet still buy their products day one.

(Now for your response)

I hope this is a wake up call at least towards both customers and EA to stop releasing half-finished products to meet deadline. Sometimes I feel games are revealed either too early or they don't spend enough time testing.

I understand nothing is 100% however releasing broken games is a no no; I'd rather deal with delays than releasing a game, than constant patches that should have been in the game to begin with.

achmetha1826d ago

that's the problem. publishers are releasing games that are broken and you can't even play. we ARE entitled to a playable game if we are spending money on them.

people are getting tired of this crap, and i'm one of them. i love playing battlefield when it works, but i'm so tired of the crashes.

Ju1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

You guys understand who is suing, right? The shareholders.

Shareholders because of the loss caused by the drop in stock values. Gamers will not get a dime. Sure, if they have to pay up this will probably give EA a kick in the nuts, but all this is about is, that EA didn't make them enough money, not that they actually released a broken game.

Syntax-Error1826d ago

OLD NEWS. This was posted last week

malokevi1826d ago

I've been experiencing crashes in Peggle 2, as well. EA needs to shape up. I love BF4, but if this is going to be a regular thing with their games, then there needs to be some drastic changes.

No other game has crashed. Peggle 2 and Battlefield. Coincidence? I think not.

Beastforlifenoob1826d ago

It wasnt just on ps4 the problem was requent on PC i dont know why this article is saying only PS4 version of the games had problems because I play it on the PC and for weeks it was unplayable.

InTheZoneAC1826d ago

I already got my check from EA from a madden lawsuit, another for battlefield would be happily accepted.

Angeljuice1826d ago

Gamers today are fairies, in the early to mid eighties every single game was broken in some way, some so much so that they were impossible to finish (Jet Set Willie). Nobody complained about this, they just enjoyed the games for what they were and had fun with them.
Today's gamers act like whinging girls who complain endlessly about anything and everything.
I suppose that to truly appreciate video games you have to remember how dull life could be before they became readily available.

*Prepares for incoming hate attack*

MIDNIGHT 211826d ago

incoming hate attack SIR!!! duck !!! lol

mydyingparadiselost1826d ago

Yeah, no one complained at all. That's why there has never been a video game market crash...

DrJones1826d ago

You make a living out of ridiculous opinions.

ExPresident1826d ago

In the mid eighties it wasn't nearly as easy to make large complaints like it is now. Gamers today have a much easier way to reach the publishers and developers than before.

Instead, developers and publishers also knew they had 1 real chance to release their games. If the game was to broken, buggy, or glitchy it was almost guaranteed that their next game wouldn't sell well. They had to make it right, or as right as they could, the first time. There was no day 1 patch.

I will agree that gamers today expect far to much, and demand far to much in terms of constant updates, information, and what not from developers during a games production. They also demand games more often, rather than longer, but better development time.

Your attempt to defend crappy game development in the name of making more money by beating a competitor on gamers is sad.

I enjoy games for what they are, just as I did when I was a kid, but I expect a working product.

Angeljuice1826d ago


The so called 'video game market crash' passed me and everyone else by at the time, you seem to bang on about it like it was a huge deal, it really wasn't. Console games died out for a while and everyone moved on to one of the many competing personal computers.
There were loads of great games being made at the time (mid eighties) and it was a great time to be a gamer. Look at the C64 for example, the software was abundant in the mid eighties and high quality titles were frequently released, I should know, I was buying them.
Some of the bigger publishers had problems but the market was a lot more diverse than today with bedroom programmers producing games that could rival the big names in terms of quality.

Someone has coined the phrase 'video game crash' retrospectively and everyone goes on about it now like it made an impact on the gamers of the day, it really didn't in the slightest.

You are very wrong in most of what you say. I was involved heavily in the gaming community at the time, every game was buggy and glitchy in some way (after all outside the console market most software was built by individuals and small teams of people). Gamers simply didn't complain nearly as much as they do now.

When you look at the mid eighties from a gamers perspective it was a great time. Codemasters were born from this era, a two-man team that produced great games such as advanced bmx simulator. US gold were producing California Games, Winter/Summer Games, we had titles like High Noon, Daley Thompson's Decathalon, Spy Hunter, Ye Ar Kung Fu, Impossible Mission, Bruce Lee, Spy vs Spy, Gauntlet, Ghostbusters and countless other quality titles were all being produced at the time. If that's a crash, bring on the next one please.

mydyingparadiselost1826d ago

The C64 was a PC, the PC market and the home console market are two very different things (as any PC centric person will tell you even today). The crash affected the home console market and was definately a CRASH. lossing 97% of the market value might have passed you by because you weren't a businessman in the industry in the mid 80's but it happened, it was real, it was caused by tons of low quality titles flooding the most popular console of the time and nothing changes facts.
As for the games being more diverse then with small 'bedroom programming teams I guess you haven't been paying attention to mobile games or the huge and growing number of indie developers coming out over the last 3 years. Diversity and new ideas have neen growing in that space at an astonishing rate with quality that usually is surpassing most AAA titles.
Also your original point is still wrong, many games were released completely playable during the mid eighties just as many are today. There have always been technically broken games on every system but just look at your own list of titles and you'll see games that were at least playable and enjoyable. The problem now is many games are released broken with the idea of fixing it weeks or months later through patches. The quality control is becoming lax and it will lead to people buying less at release and just waiting 'til the game is half the price and functioning. Also, I'm sure lots of people complained about broken games then, some even made that angry complaining into an entire career. Ever watch AVGN?

grimmweisse1826d ago

Just because games were glitchy or buggy in the eighties, doesn't mean it's an excuse to release broken games in 2013. Game development is far different today. Gaming then was for a smaller minority where now it's for in the forefront of entertainment, where the money is. So with BF4 it was more about rushing the game out the door in typical EA fashion rather than fine tune the bugs.

And what's with the whole "gamers are fairies" remark! With stupid remarks like that no wonder you have to put a *prepare for incoming hate attack.

Defending it is utter tripe! Credit to Ubisoft for delaying watch dogs, they knew they needed more time to polish up and tune their game. Rather than release some half arsed product that would damage their IP rather than boost it.

It's about time developers get taken to task for releasing unfinished, buggy and glitchy titles.

Angeljuice1826d ago

Maybe you should stop referring to it as a 'video games market crash' (as PC's play videogames too) and call it a 'console game market crash'.
At the time there was no real difference between the PC and console market as PC's were used exclusively for gaming by the vast majority (well over 90% of owners NEVER used them for anything else). Gaming was an emerging market and people were trying different formats to see what worked. Today's market is a very different place.

I'm not defending EA at all, I'm just fed up with the constant whinging and whining of gamers. The game works, it play's and its fun, yes it has problems and yes it was released too early, but its still enjoyable and will be fixed in time.
Enjoy what is good about the game rather than focusing on the negatives, that's all I'm saying. Life is too short to be bitter all the time, try having fun instead.

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RobbyGrob1826d ago


This is all about too early release dates.

I'm the creator and for three months maintainer of the only list of bugs and ideas in a thread that got stickified in the EA forums by Daniel Jonsson, one of the quality assurance guys at DICE, during the PS3 beta of BF: Bad Company 2. During this time i IM:ed several DICE employees on a weekly basis. And let me tell you straight from the horses mouth; EA whips these guys like there's no tomorrow. During a beta they essentially work during all wake hours. They don't leave the office for weeks at a time, sleeping on sofas and portable beds, drinking coffee by the gallon. Everything to squash as many bugs as possible before the much too short release date that EA has set for them. They are zombies during the bug-fixing stage. No wonder they can't fix half of them before release. EA are the slave-drivers of the video game business.

You can't justify a products problems based on its complexity. With your logic games won't even be playable at all ten years from now when there's even more stuff going on in them, because they'll be soooo complex there's no chance in the world that any human could make them stable. If you want to create a technically complex game you either keep working until its perfectly stable and then release it, or you don't even plan to create it at all. Complexity only means it's a matter of time. And time is that one thing that EA doesn't allow its developers to have. Companies choose exactly what products to create. Zipper's MAG also had a shizload of stuff going on during a match, and that's one of the most stable betas i've ever participated in.

BoriboyShoGUN1826d ago

Damn you guys are out for blood! While i do agree BF4 is a broken game most Battlefields suck at launch. Only after multiple updates do they ever get these games running correctly.

IaMs121826d ago

If EA is getting a lawsuit for BF4, Gearbox definitely needs one for Aliens: CM...

deecee331826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I would only support this lawsuit if it were modified to be levied at EA only, and NOT at DICE. DICE stands to gain nothing from having their reputation dragged through the mud by releasing a premature product. I'm not willing to participate in essentially throwing them under the bus for trying to comply with what in the end is solely EA's release schedule. If anyone has any evidence that the developer is at fault in this situation, I'm all ears.

EA has contributed not a single line of code to what, despite it's faults, is a technical marvel of a game. Let's give credit, and assign blame, where each is due. DICE should not be punished for what seems to be EA's greed, and in the end the suit benefits shareholders more than gamers in the short term.

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zeal0us1827d ago

If this keeps up, EA will soon follow AT&T include an anti-class action clause into their terms of use or user agreement into all their games.

Gh05t1826d ago

This has nothing to do with gamers the lawsuit is from shareholders. EULA does not apply here and I'm sure the already do have one.

indysurfn1826d ago

If this keeps up? What are yes suppose to do shut up like it? At&t puts this in there agreement for the same reason that parking lots put "you are legally responsible for your own car and property". And it has the same amount of weight in court NONE. It is a discouragement to people that don't know any better. Meant to intimidate you from trying.

Many-hat51826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

@ indysurfn Yes, well said. Although, I wouldn't say it carries NO weight in court, your comments I believe are essentially correct. My understanding of English law at least, is that a clause added to a contract has to be 'reasonable' before that specific clause can be enforced in a court of law. In the example you give of the parking lot, the parking lot has a duty to provide reasonable security and care while your car is parked in their lot , and if they don't, it doesn't matter a jot what they put on their parking signage. It's high time software EULA's and such T&C's was taken down a peg or two. The idea that buying a piece of software entitles the producers to exact any and all restrictions they like is beyond comprehension. I have a feeling this continues because all the lawyers that do understand such laws work for the software companies, and the consumer is woefully under represented in this area of law.

Beastforlifenoob1826d ago

Just because they do that doesn't mean they still can't get sued, what theyve done is illegal 100% and that is to falsely advertise the game (does not operate) pretty much internationally governments force a refund on an item if it does not function properly from people such as ombudsmans.

Pandamobile1826d ago

Is the PS4 version really that bad?

3-4-51826d ago

wow, glad I didn't grab a PS4 yet. BF4 was going to be my first and only game for a bit.

Got it for PC instead, because I had friends playing on PC as well, and it's been an amazing experience.

I've had the game freeze on me a few times but maybe like once a day at most...sometimes it wouldn't happen for 2-3 days.

I feel bad for those who don't get to experience all they had been waiting for.

I suggest getting another game or two, be patient with BF4, because IT WILL WORK eventually and you will love it then.

InTheLab1826d ago

Once a day? And it's an amazing experience?

Good lord some gamers have low standards.

Once a week is unacceptable.

Is the PS4 version bad? The the game is broken by your own admission on PC of all places. /facepalm

tigertron1826d ago

There's more than Battlefield you know.

I pre-ordered BF4 originally but I ditched it for Killzone Shadow Fall and haven't looked back.

cleft51826d ago

"It will work eventually, be patient..." It's really sad how low your standards are and the fact that you think this is acceptable. Instead of the consumer being patient and waiting for a game to work eventually, how about EA or any other company not put out a game that isn't finished. If I pay for a game than you better believe I expect that game to work, not some of the time but all the time. No experience is perfect but EA essentially sold a broken game to people, there is no excuse for that.

Rowco1471826d ago

Got ps4 and my bf4 has none of these issues. Looks beautiful just like my pc version

Ju1826d ago

Works for me now. Haven't had a problem since the last two patches came out. Maybe a dropped connection once in a while, but that's probably more my connection than the game. Hasn't crashed since.

ion6661826d ago

i'm a 100+ colonel on ps4.if i could achieve that ,then no its not as bad as xbox1.or p.c.There are some bugs in it that can be annoying as hell. but unplayable it is not. It sux but it will not physically hurt you

Salooh1826d ago

I'm playing on ps4 and i only had 1 crash since it launched. My brother had 4 crashes. I guess i'm lucky . A lot of bugs though, i for one don't care about them. But i see why people complain.

All i need is a party and a fix for campain save.

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GarrusVakarian1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Until yesterday my PS4 version was almost perfect (got kicked back to UI 3 times)....but after yesterdays patch my campaign progress is gone and there are a few bugs like the revive options staying on screen after being revived.

Apart from that im still playing smoothly, no problems with lag or rubber banding or being kicked. Fingers crossed. All versions are messed up though.

Callediceman1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

bought it at launch, had issues for a week or so, then when the 1st 600mb update hit i had zero issues, with the most recent update i have had the revive thing happen as well as ive noticed some weird hit detection?? ( maybe lag on my end but i never experienced it before the most recent patch)

-oh and the sound issue happens sometimes. not unplayable but definatly not a finished product

1826d ago
Tru_Ray1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I finished the single player campaign. The game crashed several times and would return to the title screen. Fortunately, this would occur only during the cutscenes between levels. It was kind of annoying, but it didn't prevent me from completing the campaign.


jspillen1826d ago

I've logged a lot of hours playing both the SP and MP... I have only crashed once and got booted to the main menu... and that was day 2 after release. NO PROBLEMS since then. Every once in a while I'm sure I scored a headshot but don't get an instant kill. I yell at the screen but that happens occasionally in every online shooter I've ever played. So I can't say for sure the culprit is EA.

GraveLord1826d ago

All version have tons of bugs and crash all the time.

*Bubbled down for trolling*

I still can't figure out why PC warriors feel so threatened by next-gen consoles.

Pandamobile1826d ago

What the hell do you mean, I was asking a legitimate question. I haven't payed attention at all to the state of BF4 on the PS4 and it was the only platform specified in the lawsuit on the websites.

How is this trolling?

MestreRothN4G1826d ago

- The game crashes about once each 2 or 3 hours and I have lost my SP progress once.
- The performance is unstable in the frame rate (about every 4, 5 games there is one where it is not running very well) and rubberbanding (I played it a lot, but about 5 times I was 5 inches below ground, generating a lot of visual glitches).
- The sound sometimes forget to exist.
- Hit detection is complicated... I hit that guy a lot of times, but he killed me with 100% health? Okay...

saber000051826d ago

I love Battlefield. I've been playing this since their first one... I guess you can say I'm a big BF fan, but even I will call BS when I see it. There are glitches with the game, and it came out WAY TOO EARLY!

Also, something that has been bothering me... Even though it's a new engine they are running, with some newer stuff.... It's like the exact same game was BF3. If you look at EA's previous games, you see they take on in different wars.. You have ww2, Vietnam, 2142, and modern... They've been on modern for some time, and they need to move onto something else.

Me personally, I would like them to re-amp 2142. Maybe something a lot later. It allows creativity and doesn't limit their ideas of what they can and can't do.

But hey.. This is just my two cents... And I'm out of bubbles to respond :(

XboxFun1826d ago

But that 1080p!!!

I hope this marks a lesson for all who put graphics over gameplay.

Ju1826d ago

Like the other versions are any better or those issues were caused by resolution. go.

GTgamer1826d ago

It doesn't run at 1080p on PS4 tho so your trolling is stupid since all versions run bad :\.

Shake_Zula1826d ago

Well, the problem is wide-scale; the reason why plaintiff uses the PS4 version in the lawsuit is because the court can subpoena the crash reports that the PS4 automatically sends for issues to get fixed. Also the PS4 acts as a constant for the lawsuit since it is a relatively controlled operating environment as opposed to PC's which have varying environments.

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Garethvk1826d ago

You would have think they would have learned after Sim City. I knew there were issues when they were limiting the amount of press review copies that went out under the guise of limited supplies. Please, Origin codes are abundant I know this as the P.R. firms always claim that games are in short supply where my E.A. Reps tell me that reviewers can always get an Origin PC code as unlike consoles versions they are abundant. All you needed to see is that they pulled Dice off their projects to fix it. You can bet Infinity Ward and Activision are laughing all the way to the bank over it as it has put issues with Ghosts so far on the back burner.

oof461826d ago

I wonder if it was DICE staging a little mini-revolt so they could get the game fixed.

DICE rep to EA suit: "See. This is what happens when you have us rush our game to beat CoD to the market."

EA suit to DICE rep: "But look at all the money we've already made."

DICE to EA: "You're damaging the Battlefield brand."

EA to DICE: "We've sold a ton of copies of Bf4 and premium. What's the problem?"

DICE to EA: "If you don't let us fix the game, anY other game we make won't sell as well, so..."


KontryBoy7061826d ago

I hope they lose too. EA deserves this

TrueJerseyDevil1826d ago

EA shouldn't even be able to publish or make games anymore in my opinion. They either never make changed in their games or completely ruin them, all they care about is sales which is a bad mind to have when trying to keep fans happy, which most of us aren't because some of our favorite games are ruined

Ju1826d ago

You're right. Better not make any games at all /s