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Submitted by HAMM3RofBUDDHA 785d ago | screenshot

New Watch Dogs Screenshots From the Xbox One Version Released

Microsoft has released three new screenshots from Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs from it running on the Xbox One console. (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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kiz2694  +   785d ago
These aren't true "in game" screen shots, nice to see some new media on it tho.
Kingthrash360  +   785d ago
im hoping they are ACTUALLY x1 are known for otherwise.

nice to see from watchdogs tho.. cant wait for it.
nutcase13  +   785d ago
Why the dislikes?!! some people...
Eonjay  +   785d ago
This would be the first images the world has ever seen of Watch Dogs running on an Xbox. Ever.
Imalwaysright  +   785d ago
Pretty much every dev and publisher is known for posting bullshots on the internet. It is a common practice in this industry and they always get away with it.
ThePope  +   785d ago
So is EVERY other publisher, developer, and manufacturer. They've all done it. So if you only say that to bash MS, or to pump up Sony (as they are the only competitor) delete your post.
Kingthrash360  +   785d ago
for thos who has used ps4 content of watchdogs blurred out the buttons and called it x1 content my comment is in referance to that...ill look for link
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ThePope  +   785d ago

Again, you don't know that was MS. Ubisoft is the one supplying the footage. I can't stand when people assume things without knowing the facts. Could it be true? possibly. But even then is it because the version's look identical, or is it that MS is trying to trick people 6 months before the launch of the game, especially when LOTS of footage will be coming out between now and launch. I'm not being an apologizer, you have to honestly ask yourself what's more likely?

So I'm sorry I still call foul.
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alexkoepp  +   785d ago
Lol this game looks lame... it's like GTA but instead of doing ganster ****, you play on your cell phone and try to find the best wi-fi connections!
Evilsnuggle   785d ago | Off topic | show
UnholyLight  +   785d ago

If I knew you personally, I'd make you a pretty good bet that you're wrong and that it will be 1080p

The delay of the game has probably only strengthened that. Here's to hoping I'm right!
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Kingthrash360  +   785d ago
ok lets say it was ubisofts fault. why wouldn't ms notice this? you think they didn't look it over? i mean why wouldn't they question the blurred buttons.
maybe they didn't review...ok then why would ubisoft send it.. i mean it would be ubisoft who blurred the buttons right so they why no x1 version of the game at the time? all in all something went wrong either ms blurred and tried to display it as x1 footage or ubisoft dont have a running watchdogs on x1. either way you look at it its either
1. ms cover up
2. x1 system is too underpowered or just had issues like other 3rd party games due to its underpowered innards.
sad to think but maybe the game was delayed because of issues with the x1 and they needed more time to fix the issues...just a thought tho im not saying its true...but a possibility.
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hakeem0996  +   785d ago
"Ms are known for otherwise " is MS making this game ? Last time i check MS got nothing to do with Watch Dogs so even if these screenshots were deceiving why would they be the one to blame, but not the people who make the game .same as that 720p COD thing when everyone was blaming them for a game that they didn't even make .

killzone 2 everyone
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BALLBAGS  +   785d ago
@hakeem killzone 2 surpassed many elements in the promotion footage, a lot of people who played the game will agree

as for the playstation footage of watchdogs on the Xbox YouTube channel of course Microsoft knew, you think a multi billion dollar company doesn't have hired help to scrutinise every video that is submitted or shown? seriously it's the OFFICIAL Xbox channel!!!

as for watchdogs great to know it's up and running on the Xbox One let's hope both versions are 1080p so all gamers are happy... why does everybody just argue on this site over trivial things?
AndrewLB  +   785d ago
Last I checked, Sony also showed many PS4 games at E3 this year which were clearly superior to the retail version.
frostypants  +   785d ago
Why do the people in the 3rd image look so cartoonish? Doesn't look like the gameplay we've seen at all.
jonli1  +   785d ago
how do u know were you there in person when these screen shot were taken please let us know
SlavisH2  +   785d ago
Of course he was there didn't you read his comment! I mean why would he lie? why would someone troll a version of the game they have zero interest in. Thats not what n4g is about guy! :P
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jonli1  +   784d ago
hey slavisH2 ur name sound like sloppy seconds
TheXgamerLive  +   785d ago
With the added dev time both should run 1080p, and i wonder if the Xbox One version will look better than ps4 version like all the otber multi plat
Release titles ps4 had better resolution but Xbox One had better graphics ala lighting colors details etc... maybe this time theyll be more even
No, this isnt the first images of the XB1 version and there has been video once as well.
Regardless the game should be great
GutZ31  +   785d ago
What dimension are you from?

Xbox one has better lighting/aliasing/colors/detai l than PS4? What game are you talking about? Digital Foundry's has pretty much completely sided with PS4 as lead in all aspects of superiority in those regards, including frame rate.

Please post link to where your statement is found to be true, and not just your own objective opinion.
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classic19  +   785d ago
its because they was ports, look at kzsf that is the best game on next gen graphically speaking is it not. cod/bf4/ac/ all other m plats. wait ac lookas better on ps4 then x1. but yea ps4 bf4 is the a ps3 port, same with cod on ps4 its a ps3 port. them games always looked slashes ran better o wait cod ps4 looks better then x1. lol only she can tell id say its up in the air.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   785d ago
thats some good ass weed
ThatOneGuyThere  +   785d ago
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Sarcasm  +   784d ago
Cocaine is helluva drug
TheXgamerLive  +   784d ago
Open your eyes at any digital foundry video. Just look. Nothing else to do, simply look at XB1 and PS4.
Deadpoolio  +   778d ago
That's a good one LMAO, I needed a good laugh..NONE of the Xbox 720p multiplats look better than the PS4 versions...FACT you should probably do some research before you claim things...EVERY site who has compared the multiplats FACTUALLY agree the PS4 versions look better....This isn't 2007 even PS3 multiplats started looking better than 360 versions
Looks like the $400 console version. Maybe lower rez.
Sammy777  +   785d ago
Those are all PC screens but i think xbox one version would not look bad, just could run at a lower resolution
Muffins1223  +   785d ago
How do you know?
Rimeskeem  +   785d ago
The close up images are nice but its the far away images that really could be sharper but none the less it looks like a great game on a good console.
UncleGermrod  +   785d ago
I think the angle and presentation are not quite what you would see in game, but it looks pretty believable. I wouldn't be surprised if that is what the game looks like, more or less
Zeniix  +   785d ago
''From the Xbox One version released''

That's what they also said when they were using the bf4 PC footage or Watch dogs ps4 footage, anyone remember those?
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   785d ago
Lookin good!
GutZ31  +   785d ago
So, we meet again...
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   784d ago
HA lol, Thats awesome!
Walker  +   785d ago
They are all bullshots !
BX81  +   785d ago
I hope you step on a shovel and it cracks you right in the ball sack for using the made up term bullshots.
1nsomniac  +   785d ago
Made up term?? How old are you? Bullshots are a known standard in the industry, it's no secret they're widely & commonly used & are called just that from the industry itself.

Now go sit back in the corner with the other special kids.
Callediceman  +   785d ago
OHHHH SHAZOOOOF! <---- proper use of a made up word
Oh_Yeah  +   785d ago
Remove yourself from this site .
BX81  +   785d ago
Lmao. Clearly it was a joke. Walker didn't even respond.
1nsomniac however believes just because the "industry" uses it, it's not made up. No need to be mad bro. You can enjoy your made up words like bull shots and noob tube, I won't judge you.
TheXgamerLive  +   784d ago
1somniac, my niece is a special needs kid. She has CP cerebral palsey. She loves gaming with me, it's therapeutic for her. Their have many times that people have made fun of her and it breaks my heart. I know you probably didnt mean anything by it but please dont make fun of them. To many their lives are to be thrown in the corner. Her life no matter how short is a special one to me.
Sorry everyone. Game one and enjoy.
#3.1.5 (Edited 784d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
BX81  +   783d ago
@ XGamer. Thank you for sharing in a mature manner. It's important to remember that our words have power and can upset others. Especially in the internet age it's easy to forget that we are all accountable for what we say. On behalf of my self and 1nsomniac ask your niece to accept our humble apology. Game on.
FANTA1180  +   785d ago
Sony fanboys are in denial again.
kiz2694  +   785d ago
Denial of what? These are only promotional images, not really even screen shots. Any way its looking good, would be nice to see more tho.
pyramidshead  +   785d ago
one bubble trolls gotta troll about something I guess. lol
#5.2 (Edited 785d ago ) | Agree(29) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Neonridr  +   784d ago
they only get one shot at it right? :P

Gotta make it meaningful..
xICHIGOx  +   785d ago
Denial because they have the best multiplatform game on their system? Remember Ubisoft AC 4 then say again the word "denial"
kiz2694  +   785d ago
Plus BF4 and COD Ghosts. Really don't see much denial at all? just believing.
MasterCornholio  +   785d ago
Its pretty much a given that Sony designed the PS4 to be a powerful gaming console so its normal that multiplats are superior on it.

Note multiplats compared to other consoles.
ThePope  +   785d ago
I've played both the PS4 and One versions on a 1 year old 60" Panny and I cant for the life of me see the difference. And if it takes some of the HUGE screenshots that I've seen to tell the difference, it might as well not exist.
christocolus  +   785d ago
XboxFun  +   785d ago
I see this site finally got you for a bubble. You stay out of other articles your not interested in, you stay on subject and you get marked once for trolling and instant pop. Funny how this site works.
DigitalRaptor  +   785d ago
If you stay on topic, you have a better chance of not losing bubbles.

On-topic: Can't wait for this game.
christocolus  +   785d ago

They can take my bubble....but they will never break my will, my spirit or take my freedom.....lmao.

I actually dont give a crap bro.

On topic: i think watchdogs may end up playing like any other third person shooter out there. It definitly looks good though but im not just hyped about it one bit.
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Qrphe  +   785d ago
I wish these screenshots were native resolution


Bubbled down for "Off Topic"
frostypants  +   785d ago
Question: will this game allow us to customize the main character? Or are we stuck with the strap-adjustable cap? I want to look like a badass, not a dork. This character looks like a "trench coat mafia" tool. Game looks awesome otherwise.
#7 (Edited 785d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   785d ago
Took them long enough.
okmrman  +   785d ago
it does look like bullshot

looks very cartoony
that doesnt mean the game wont look good...get over yourselves
marvgarvy408  +   785d ago
cyhm3112  +   785d ago
what bullshots? it does look like it is from xbone, because it looks like shit compared to the ps4 or pc version, the difference is huge, at least the power of the ps4 is not compromised by xbone.
curtis92  +   785d ago
console versions will be very hard to see differences. Especially at smaller resolutions. If those screens dont look good to you, then you'll probably be disappointed.
cyhm3112  +   785d ago
I don't think console version will be very hard to see differences. Look at bf4 and as4
xICHIGOx  +   785d ago
COD Ghost, BF 4, NFS Rivals and AC 4 disagree with you.
Spartan119  +   785d ago

How does NFS Rivals say anything. Both run and look identical
xICHIGOx  +   785d ago
@spartan119 HBAO vs SSAO, Bokeh DoF vs Cheap Blur, better view distance.
The HBAO itself is a major difference and the fact that they perform equally is an indication of major power for PS4 because HBAO is a more demanding effect.
marvgarvy408  +   785d ago
These photos started as an in game screenshot but what make these bullshots are the fact that they have been altered or "photoshopped" after
LordMaim  +   785d ago
Hard to see what it looks like with sub-HD screenshots.
redrings32  +   785d ago
How do you know if the screenshots are sub-HD??? you got the raw image or something, or ubisoft contacted you and sad the image are sub hd.
LordMaim  +   785d ago
Look at the article we're commenting on. There are three sub-HD screenshots. If they were given hi-res originals, they certainly didn't use them in the article.
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Lenns  +   785d ago
This is the first time i have seen the X1 cover for Watch Dogs. Looks weird with green. More used to the blue.
omegaheat  +   785d ago
I am lost for words about the anger that gets stirred up every time a new Xbox One article gets posted. No matter how good a game on the Xbox One console looks some Sony gamer will say it looks like shit or will compare it to Uncharted 4,5 and 6. These are sad and shameful times to be a gamer.
Ashby_JC  +   785d ago
It went on like this for the 360. What made you think it would be different with the xbox one (which I am enjoying immensely :) )

Pretty much any article you are sure to have the comments section derailed by some or a lot of negative comments from a select few who decide its there duty to trash something they dont want to buy.

I myself will get a second next gen soon as that must have title drops ... im on it!
noctis_lumia  +   785d ago
cant wait for this game
my PS4 is ready
bornsinner  +   785d ago
n4g will have a hard time saying it looks impressive, it's full of sony fanboys
Ashby_JC  +   785d ago
I would bet if the title said PS4 screenshots with the SAME pics. Negative comments would be positive. But we can never find that out and only speculate.
Agent_hitman  +   785d ago
lol is it safe to assume that this screenshot were captured on gaming PC with Nvidia card?.. sarcasm
AceBlazer13  +   785d ago
:o the xbone version actually exists? i thought it was a legend.
CyrusLemont  +   785d ago
Sure they're in game screenshots, but the resolution of the image is most likely the resolution of the game running on the console.

Ba dum tsh!
Zizi  +   785d ago
We haven't got 'much' from Watch_Dogs, I think. Howver, that's not the only thing I worry about. I'm afraid that Ubisoft will milk the franchise if the selling is a success. I mean it will get an annual release, just like Assassin's Creed. :'(
#20 (Edited 785d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ThichQuangDuck  +   785d ago
"OMG the graphics" I don't want screenshots I want a preview of how the game is being improved after the delay because before delay it looked boring to me. Essentially creed watchtowers and linear story. I want the choice to free all the information or use it for myself. I want to see the AI follow patterns according to what their information shows. I want to be able to affect the people in the world and the world. I want the multiplayer to be more than one person coming into your world and hacking you. I want the original potential watch dogs had when it was first shown. Show all the graphical screenshots for those who like looking at pretty colors but I want the gameplay not the movie that is already coming out
CyrusLemont  +   785d ago
I agree man, I hope this game doesn't 'Devastate'. Hopefully the delay is because they're just 'Shaping The Masterpiece'. ;)
ThichQuangDuck  +   785d ago
I thought it sounded harsh,but just being able to view the secret information of these npc's serves no purpose if they are static and we cannot affect their lives. If you can change their lives and have agency in the world than yeah I can wait all the way til Fall keep delaying as long as needed. What do people love doing in GTA V fucking with the npcs so we need to be able to affect them and feel we are actually changing chicago rather than just living in the oppressive society we are seeking to free with a controller in our hand in an oppressive society that seeks to punish those that attempt to free the minds.

I want reprecussions if I release information they hunt me down or I can choose to work with them and oppress the people. thus discussing declensions with friends,but this is not going to happen because Ubisoft makes linear narratives but it is hard to have a linear narrative in a game focused on oppression
CyrusLemont  +   785d ago
I hear ya man, that's some true next gen gameplay you're talking about so unfortunately I don't think we'll see it for this because of the 360/PS3 holding it back somewhat. However, when it becomes independent of last gen, we'll start seeing that stuff I believe. I actually wrote something similar on N4G a few days ago regarding the next Asassins's Creed. I just hope that kind of stuff happens!
BobBelcher  +   785d ago
I like the Xbox One
I like the PS4.
Somewhere in the world of the internet, someone's head is exploding because of this.
PFFT  +   785d ago
Looks pretty sweet on the Xb1. Cant wait to play this!
Taylor_Oscar  +   784d ago
are they sure its their this time?
Yeah they might be in game screenshots but you'd be an idiot to think that they weren't rendered to f**k to look like that! Meh...
mmj  +   784d ago
"Microsoft has released"

Clearly going to be handpicked and potentially modified.
JazBear  +   784d ago
Who really cares about this game???
Looks like trash!!! I don't see the appeal...

And the real joke is ubisoft want to pull GTA numbers with this,
GTA NUMBERS! not happening, not even close...
I predict 1-2 million through all console sales
shorty74a  +   784d ago
I can't believe all the negative comments about Microsoft based a a few screenshots. This website is out of control with this fan boy stuff.
ma1asiah  +   784d ago
Here's a history lesson for you all and try Googeling it if you don't believe me:

At the beginning of last gen there was this new IP from Ubisoft touted as the next big thing that was getting promoted s running on the PS3.....what was that game oh yeah ASSASSINS CREED, this was before it was known that the game was going to multiplatform.

The footage and gameplay turned out to be running on the Xbox 360 after months of deceptively saying it was all from the PS3.

Now my question is this did you al blame SONY or did you blame Ubisoft for this deception?
#29 (Edited 784d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply

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