Battlefield 4: China Rising Review - Chet & Jon

China Rising is another solid Battlefield 4 expansion... but it ain't no classic.

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VR-4nic1457d ago

To bad BF4 single player campaign is F****** BROKEN!!! I've tried to play through this JUNK game 7 times now on my PS4 and lost my progression everytime. It's just crazy that a glitch as bad as this could make it out the door and not be fixed after more then a month on the market! DICE SUCKS!

joab7771457d ago

I know this is stupid but I completed the entire sp before starting mp b/c I heard abouth this glitch. It happened to my friend too. I guess try it all at one without playing any mp at all and see if that helps.

Skate-AK1457d ago

Should cloud save your progress. That's what I do and only lost progress one. I was able to pull the save from the cloud though.

3-4-51457d ago

It took you 7 times to realize what most would have in 2-3.

That is your first problem. Find another game, or another hobby for a bit until it's patched to your satisfaction.

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mr2331457d ago

I agree. Same here. I got to the point after breaking out with the Russian guy. I think it's more than half into the campaign. Aaaaaand it's gone. I would really like to finish it, but im not going to bother till it's fixed. Too bad, otherwise it's a really good game.

famoussasjohn1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Ya that's like mission 5 of 7 lol. Did you try proceeding after the latest patch? IDK if it matters, I played it on the 360 offline and had no issues doing the SP.

Though the patch was to 'reduce' the issue, it didn't 100% resolve the issue so it may still be an issue for you.

mr2331457d ago

UGH I figured I was pretty far along. No I didn't cloud save it. This was before the glitches became a big story. Ill try again but probably not for a while.

Skate-AK1457d ago

Like I said up there, if you have a PS3/4 and have PS+ use the cloud save.

famoussasjohn1457d ago

3 of the 4 maps give that feel of BC2: Vietnam, which was one of the best expansions I've downloaded.

JessiePinkmanYo1457d ago

I really liked BC Vietnam. Hell, I liked everything about Bad Co and miss it. I wish the environment was more destructible in BF, similar to Bad Co. I'd trade the jets and everything to go back to the glory days of Bad Co

famoussasjohn1457d ago

I got into BC really late so not that many people were playing once I got it, but damn was it fun as hell. I really hope BC3 remains true to what it has been and brings DICE back to its true form with great story telling with characters I actually liked lol.

ATiElite1457d ago

I'm enjoying BF4! after the first 3 patches things got a lot better.

Dragon Valley is a classic map and I love it. Well I love any Conquest Map so I'm biased.

CONQUEST FTW......Rush to level up though lol