Ubisoft comments on having multiple 'Assassin's Creed' releases each year

It seems like there are two possibilities to the average video game player these days: either a game is coming out too frequently or not often enough. When Ubisoft made the transition with Assassin's Creed into the realm of yearly installments, many fans were worried that it would affect the overall quality of the game. But with the upcoming release of Assassin's Creed Liberation HD, a remake of the PlayStation Vita title, for the first time we'll see two game's from the franchise release in the same year. And in an exclusive interview with Ubisoft, asked if releasing so soon after Black Flag would impact sales at all and whether or not we should expect multiple releases each year.

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KrisButtar1588d ago

AC is fine as I buy it yearly but I think I'm going to wait for price drops before I pick up future installments. I'm saying this after playing AC4 and it is one of my favorites.

RuleNumber51588d ago

Just to play devil's advocate for a moment, would you still stay away if next year's title was in either Egypt or Japan? I think location is big for me as is the time period (also says every other AC fan haha).

CrossingEden1588d ago

If the next one is set in London, which they mentioned alot already, then it's a must buy for me.

LOGICWINS1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I don't think I'll be buying another AC game for a very long time. Don't get me wrong. AC4 is the BEST AC game I've ever played. LOADS of things to do, Edward is likable, and I love the looting/Jackdaw upgrading aspect of the game. Still, I'm noticing the same issues I encountered with AC2 in this game. That was FOUR years ago

1. The A.I. is STILL retarded. I was being chased by an A.I. sentry and literally two feet away from him I jumped into a bush and he said "I could have sworn there was someone here".

As he examines the bush, I jump out for a second. He notices me. I jump back in and in his mind I've disappeared.

This is UNACCEPTABLE after nearly a decade of working on AC games.

2. Far too many glitches. In my first encounter with the British when you rescue Stede Bonnet, one dude literally got stuck behind a rock trying to come after me.

In the cutscene where Blackbeard ties up a guy with a rope as a hostage, the guy is INVISIBLE. All you see is the rope moving as if it was wrapped around a ghost

3. Edward's pistol and sword upgrades don't make any significant difference in combat.

4. Sword combat when boarding a ship is far too chaotic. My own allies get in my way.

5. Poor controls for underwater swimming.

Seraphim1588d ago

I can't say location is all that important. It along character design might persuade me but generally speaking I'm done. Too much of the same ole shit too quickly for years now. I still have AC3 Steelbook sitting here sealed. I never did get into Revelations and I originally planned on waiting for or skipping Black Flag but by default I grabbed it on PS4 via the Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer Amazon sent. Figured instead of wasting a pick I'd get it now for $30.

I loved Altair, Ezio, the game, the environment/locations but that whole Ezio trilogy spanning a 3 years really killed the series for me. Since then I've had no desire to play. Last year I only kept my AC3 order because I had a steelbook coming and was pissed it wasn't even the smaller Blu Ray/PS3 case. I bought the AC Vita bundle and haven't even played that.... I love Action/Adventure games and every year there's never enough but that doesn't mean releasing a new AC annually is a good idea. The games run it's course and I'd be surprised if I ever end up playing 3 and Black Flag at this rate...

Grimhammer001588d ago

Problem I'm beginning to have is the limitation of the main protagonist wearing a version of the assassin creed outfit. It feels like I'm too familiar with the plot and character lead before I even begin.

I'd much rather they flip the script and have you play a Templar. But no switching to the good guys side bs! Let us play in the minds of the Templars through whole game! Perhaps even making us question who we believe are the good guys?!!

raWfodog1587d ago

Your idea sounds like a good plot for some DLC but I don't think it will be able to carry a whole title. But that's just my opinion.

ATiElite1588d ago

Multiple AC a year!

didn't we hear this SILLY talk with COD?

Why not just release AC every Month if you are in such a hurry to run it into the ground.

The93Sting1588d ago


"Why not just release AC every Month if you are in such a hurry to run it into the ground"

just imagine it my dear friend XD

you just made my damn day, i mean week.

Grimhammer001588d ago

Actually, I feel like the story jumped the shark after revelations.

I enjoy the games. Ac4 is the best in series. But I'd like Ubi to release the mp seperately in ac5. I enjoy mp more than the story. Story feels forced, aimless and tired.

LOGICWINS1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I got that impression too. They seem to have created the story around pirating activities instead of the other way around. I just finished the mission where you get the medicine for Blackbeard and you have that long chase sequence where you jump over a crocodile in slow motion. Awesome stuff. The game doesn't have enough of these set pieces.

I haven't tried the MP, but I hear its good. I'm def selling the game after I platinum it. Most likely towards the Witcher 3.

FantasyStar1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Yup. The gameplay felt just as uninspired and hammed out. I thought Relevations was the worst, but AC4 beat it cause of how....uninspired the whole plot was.

People complained about AC3 to an extent, but at least that game pushed the franchise forward instead of playing it safe.

x5exotic1588d ago

Face it, AC was never great to begin with.

Even 2 had many faults, yes it was fun, yes it was somewhat pretty, yes nostalgic, but story was mediocre, gameplay too slow to be immersed into the assassination theme

so why complain now?

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