'Sonic Lost World' to Get 'Yoshi's Island'-Themed DLC

8CN: The latest Nintendo Direct presentation revealed that a Yoshi's Island Zone would be heading to Sonic Lost World as DLC. The levels will featureYoshi's Island-inspired gameplay such as eggs, pipes, and classic enemies. Check out some screenshots below.

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Ol_G1584d ago

Wow loving these announcements

SegaGamer1584d ago

Who would have ever thought SEGA and Nintendo could get on so brings a tear to my eye :P :D

Concertoine1584d ago

How did this sell, just curious...?

Loadedklip1584d ago

110k for Wii U ... 150k for 3DS according to VGchartz.

I think that is very disappointing ... people were really excited for this Sonic game then those really bad review scores came in and crushed the game. Heard there was an update that improved or fixed some of the issues reviews had with the game though so maybe its better now.

videgamenext11584d ago

Considering it took sonic all star racing to do 600k between wiiu and 3ds up until march a few months after release i think lost world is doing ok not terrible but not great. The reviews really hurt it alot as with most sonic games. And you gotta look at it this way they could sell 300k between the two and make profit because of how cheap the wiiu and 3ds are to develop for, so they dont need to sell 5 million copies of the game.

MegaRay1584d ago

Bad for the WiiU which make me happy, SEGA lied about their audience being Nintendos players and that they dont have any fanbase at PlayStation, I OWN EVERY FUC'ING SONIC GAME ON PS3, WHY SHOULD I BUY A WII U FOR A 3RD PARTY GAME?
Anyway ill get this for 3ds someday

Yodagamer1584d ago

How about 2 sonic games, this one and the next exclusive sonic game :P

MegaRay1584d ago

Lol calm your wolf down dude, atleast i was nice and said ill get it for 3ds tho

videgamenext11584d ago

I think he said that because your comment was just ignorant.

truechainz1584d ago

Okay so I'm gonna need Sega and Nintendo to just fully unite. Once you see sonic running around in yoshi's island well that pretty much is all we need for that to be a thing.

_QQ_1584d ago

Free DLC? blasphemy.

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