One Hit Pixel 2014 Most Anticipated – #9 Halo

One Hit Pixel: "With a new console comes exciting new franchises, games and experiences. Yet sometimes the most anticipated, most hyped games are those we expect, those which will bring with them the true launch of the next generation. For me this game is Halo, which will release (hopefully) late 2014."

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KingDadXVI1826d ago

I am really looking forward to this game too. Halo 4 was good. The campaign was really good although the epic battles with the flood in Halo 2 to my mind can never be beat. It was really the online multiplayer that let Halo 4 down for me. They changed the mechanics way too much in trying to emulate COD for my liking. Online play in Halo 2 and 3 were epic and gave the game some real legs and I played if for a long time but I quickly tired of Halo 4 online and its complexities in upgrading yourself and your load outs.

It really changed from a jump into and kick some ass immediately game to requiring far too much chasing after the ultimate load out so you can dominate the noobs game that ended up frustrating a lot of the more casual Halo gamers who just wanted to have some fun.

Hopefully they will make it less complicated and more accessible for the average player.

Spurg1826d ago

Really looking forward to Halo 5...the way 343i handled the story was amazing.