Steamworld Dig Review: Good, but Not the Dungeon You're Looking For (Twinfinite)

Emergent narrative. A phrase that gets thrown around quite a bit these days, and for a good reason. Games like Journey and XCOM: Enemy Unknown that give players a real feeling that they’re creating their own story within the framework of the world and setting given to them.

It’s what makes games like Minecraft and others so much fun. Each player (literally, at times) carves their own unique signature in the world. Steamworld Dig seems like a game that would easily make that same mark. Despite its polish and hint of excellence, it falls just a bit short of unforgettable.

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klecser1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

I think comparing a game of this nature to Minecraft is grossly unfair. Why don't you just compare Gunman Clive to Battlefield and lament how "terrible" Gunman Clive is? Or talk about how that Filet Minon was better than a McDonald's cheeseburger? Well, duh.

That said, I was in an impulse buying mood last night. Chose not to get this (my finger hovered over "purchase"), but got Devil Survivor:Overclocked instead (at greater expense obviously). I'm happy.