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jerethdagryphon1551d ago

Gt5 style login bonus more creits less progrssion for online and redbull challenges 1.2 gig update

Crazyglues1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Wow that's a big update... 1.2 gig's -Nice to see them hard at work on this-

I must say I'm really enjoying the game... They really adjusted the feel of the game using the controller's analog.. Has an amazing feel.

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BiggCMan1551d ago

"110% for the 1st day, 130% for the 2nd day, 140% for the 3rd day and so on, until you will receive 200% bonus on the 5th day"

"The amount of credits earned in Career Mode have been increased."

"if you participate in both special events you could earn up to 12,000,000 credits!"

DAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!! So much for the people who thought they were forcing their micro-transactions on us!!

jerethdagryphon1551d ago

Exactly just doing the red bulls and getting broze and slilver got me 1 mill

jerethdagryphon1545d ago

ok how can i get 2 disagrees 1 for listing the update and another for saying the redbull got me 1 mill...... seriously

RCslayer1551d ago

BiggCMan, what did you expect, it isn't forza5. It's GT, still best racing game to date. GT7 wooooo man I can't wait to see the Ps4s power. Gt6 looks awesome for a system that is almost 8 years old.

mic_cala1551d ago

Been sayin it all along gt6 is where the real racing is at not that bullshit turn10 call forza 5