EDGE #262 review scores, top 10 games of 2013

This month's EDGE review scores are in, plus the magazine's top 10 games of 2013 revealed.

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dark-kyon1794d ago

best game of the year
1.grand theaf auto 5

knack --3

edge is a for edge knack is unplayable and the most overrated game of the year what several gamers tell what is average is the best of the year.

Cuzzo631794d ago

Well from what everyone is saying, Knack is pretty bad. GtaV deserved it's score. Sp was epic. Online is another issue tho. I would give online a 7/10

OverPaperSkies1794d ago

Knack - 3.

Cue angry Sony ponies.

We should of called it kack.

Nachoman301794d ago

And yet I see two playstation exclusives in the top 5....

HurtfulTimez1794d ago

funny thing is id rather play knack than anything on xbox and PC has no games im interested in so dont even go there you donut.

your a complete idiotic trolling fanboy who does nothing to provide any constructive criticism to any topic.

and your just making yourself look like a twat btw.

Cuzzo631794d ago

Lmao... All fanboy ish to the side. I am pro Sony but I don't think I can say the same. I mean come on. Jus because it's a Sony game you would choose it above every other competitors games. Lmao. I dnt even believe you

HurtfulTimez1794d ago

learn to read - "id rather play knack than anything on xbox"

I wasnt talkin for you so of course your thoughts would be different but i would honestly rather play knack than ryse or dead rising 3, Forza is ok but im a GT person and yes i have owned all the forzas apart from 5 and none of them are as good as any of the GTs in my opinion.
so i will stick to my comment as it is MY opinion and prefernce not yours

iamnsuperman1794d ago

I really don't agree with GTA being so high but the rest of the list is fairly spot on.

frostypants1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Yep. GTA is the new the same thing over and over, send out a ton of gift baskets and favors, and watch the critics push each other over to service your groin region.

GTA's low 8-point-something user rating on Metacritic...10% lower than the critic all one needs to know.

It was a solid, average game. Game of the year, though? GTFO...

Septic1794d ago

GTA5 is a solid average game? Wow. Take a piece of your own advice.

Nachoman301794d ago

@ Septic

I have to agree, I am playing it right now and GTA is overated, I prefered Red Dead Redemption.

arbitor3651794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

edge thinks Ryse is as good as killzone shadow fall? at least Shadow Fall is an actual game.

edge has always been a joke

thepatientgamer1794d ago

See, this is the problem with Microsoft and the xbox: no exclusives