Here's An Amazing Project CARS Holiday Teaser Trailer

Are you a racing fan? Cheer up your holiday with this great looking Project CARS teaser trailer.

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C-H-E-F1707d ago

This game is turning into the racing equivalent of Watch Dogs... Amazing games but the hype is def. not there anymore.

Alexious1707d ago

It might seem that way, but I don't think there is another simulation as interesting at this one in development.

During 2014 we should definitely hear a lot more on the game.

Jamaicangmr1707d ago

Way 2 many f#*king trailers and pictures and not even a console demo. Just all talk and look at this pretty picture and video.

*Rolls eyes*

ATi_Elite1707d ago

already playing it in 4K on my PC!

Jamaicangmr1707d ago

Congrats so have i but i think you missed the point of my post. Then again maybe you just wanted to mention your PC in which case. Good for you.

They need to throw us a bone i mean come on give console gamers something. Most of your sales will be on console anyway.

Destrania1707d ago

I'm playing Pong in 4k resolution. So next-gen! Those blocks and rectangles just pop. Mind-blown. /s

Nobody cares about resolution if the game has last-gen effects, physics, detail, a.i., etc. Shift was dissapointing imo, so I hope this stacks up.

ryan4611707d ago

The console builds are being done alongside the PC one. Usually you don't get a demo of a game until it's just about release ready, which pCARS is not. They are constantly tweaking the physics, working on the career, making fixes to the UI, graphics, etc. Skinning the cars. Some cars have no skins on the interiors. Some of the tracks have minimal work done on them. The game isnt due till later 2014. So i wouldn't expect a demo on console till august. Till then it's still in pre-alpha. I can tell you though, each update continues to amaze me.

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Destrania1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Really happy they scrapped last-gen platform development for this to focus solely on current-gen & PC. NFS Shift & Shift 2 were pretty dissapointing. I love me a great simulation racer once in a while, so I hope this stacks up. One to keep my eye on for sure.

ryan4611707d ago

They did scrap it as far as I can see. You don't see PS3 or xbox 360 in the list anymore. The build notes for each release (done two to three times a week) used to have PS3 notes and such. Now it's labeled as next-gen, as well as a section for wii-u.

Shift 2 had some bad bugs. SMS commented they would have fixed them, but EA had to request it. I can tell you from the current builds, this game is miles past Shift in terms of what it can do.

MidnytRain1707d ago

There was hardly anything holiday about that teaser. Just some text, bells, and flowers for three seconds at the end.

curtis921707d ago

Oh look more CARS media. Ill be excited if/when this game actually releases.

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