MotorStorm: Best New Racer of the Past Generation

The next-generation of consoles has finally settled in, and with it comes the next-generation of racing games. From Forza 5 to the next-gen version of Need for Speed Rivals, it’s a tough road to see who will succeed in this next-generation. But when you want to talk about the best new racer of the past generation, it’s going to be MotorStorm.

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TheLyonKing1822d ago

I remember playing the first motorstorm when I got my ps3 back in christmas all those years ago. The loading time was long but the game was so much fun and the sound track was great.

hulk_bash19871822d ago

So much fun was had with Motor Storm. My 1st racing game for the PS3.

PeaSFor1822d ago

prettuy much my only game i got with the ps3 at launch, oh man i hope to see a "nextgen"(now current-gen) Motorstorm....but they're busy with Driveclub.

BattleAxe1822d ago

Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man were two of the best launch games ever IMO.

hulk_bash19871822d ago

My only 2 games for PS3 at the launch window and I loved every minute with them. The online in R:FOM was so much fun, I played that game to death.

robtion1822d ago

Motorstorm and resistance were amazing launch games, so much fun.

Motorstorm had such impressive graphics at the time, I played a demo instore and that is what convinced me to upgrade from ps2 to ps3.

Maddens Raiders1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Motorstorm is the best off road racing series of ALL-TIME.

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Irishguy951822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I remember

Sony were really dickish and arrogant back then. Pissed off fans and devs alike haha(as in, Sony had target renders made, then told their devs to 'do it'. Most devs reaction - 'Are you ****ing serious, what is this 2014?' ").

Very Happy MS whipped them around for a while. They have learned to be straightforward no BS and realistic with everyone. MS needs a good kicking of the scrotum to become like todays sony as well

Motorstorm turned out to be a good game in the end but after the target render wow was there a rage.

stuna11822d ago

It would be kind of nice if they made a PS4 version of Motorstorm later on down the line! I have very fond memory's of the game.

spoonard1822d ago

I have ALWAYS loves ALL the MotorStorm games!Except the one for the Vita...didn't care much for that one. I'd LOVE to see it on PS4!!!

redknight801822d ago

Not sure how I would rank this in my own personal list of favorite PS3 titles, but this was surely the first one to make my jaw drop and one of my first purchases when I picked it up on the PS3. I don't think I have ever put in so many hours in to a racing game as I did with Motorstorm and I genuinely got pissed off when I didn't get first place in the game. Reading this article again after so many years makes me wish that this is one of the titles that pops up on the Gaikai service.

Hazmat131822d ago

man i love motor storm re-lease it on PS4. i love the motor storm series!

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