NBA 2K14 Xbox One Review [Capsule Computers]

Zac Elawar from Capsule Computers wrote:

"“14 Years in the Making” is scrawled across the screen as the Bandini remix of Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy of Gold” plays. NBA 2K14 is 2K Sports’ centerpiece title. Though everyone looks to both 2K and EA as the kings of sports games, the former has blitzed the competition for many years. NBA Live‘s 2014 return to the market didn’t stand a baller’s chance in hell. And while NBA 2K14 on last-gen spotlighted Lebron James’ ‘Path to Greatness’, the developers have excised the mode on the Xbox One and PS4 versions in favor of the brand new MyGM mode, allowing you the opportunity to manage everything from ticket prices to player contracts within a chosen team. There’s an obvious graphical leap between the generations, but NBA 2K14 is much more than a prettier face."

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ZacE1557d ago

Self-typo Correction: "17 years in the making"