Skullgirls Changes Name, Will Be Re-Listed on Consoles Next Year

Everything’s okay, or at least, will be okay, according to Skullgirls developers Lab Zero: the game will live on.

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dieforgame1491d ago

Basically Konami saying "Oh you're leaving us? Let me give you some troubles as parting gifts."

MoveTheGlow1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Right? Luckily, they only really have to Ninja Gaiden Sigma the title, as opposed to what happened with Rez, where they had to name the sequel "Child of Eden" and mention Rez absolutely nowhere.

Chrono1491d ago

And people will have to buy it again, right?

MoveTheGlow1491d ago

"Encore will be free to Skullgirls owners on both platforms, and the original version will remain playable as the transition takes place."

"...Lab Zero will make the all-encompassing Color DLC Bundle free for a limited time."

It helps to read the article :)

PurpHerbison1491d ago

I'll give it another chance since I already own it.

Tidybrutes1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Never played Skullgirs, was one of them games I meant to get round to but forgot among the many many games I miss and then mean to go back and eventually buy.

May have to get the Encoure version when it releases as am a massive fan of 2D fighers like Blazblue, Guilty Gear etc.