Dragon Age Inquisition: 5 Things Players Want

Dragon Age Inquisition will come out next year and as part of next-gen, it will surely bring many surprises. Opposing the previous two games, solely dedicated to role-playing, Inquisition will introduce a new castle feature, where players will be able to manage their armies. This system can be quite ambiguous since it could be an innovation to improve role-playing, as it could be the ascendance of another genre. Nothing is for certain now but in the end, it’s all in the hands of BioWare. However, BioWare is a game developer, whose mission is to satisfy players. So, what are players looking forward in Dragon Age Inquisition?

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Mqvlo1705d ago

Nice article, but one thing that I would like to see is more interaction between companions; even if watching them argue was funny enough, with next gen power we should be able to see deeper relations among them.. who knows, even love triangles !

DoctorJones1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Love triangles have happened before in Bioware games so it should be something that is doable. I'm aware you're probably talking about it happening amongst npcs without input from yourself though.

I just want it to be an complete rpg experience like Baldurs Gate 2, and to a lesser extent Dragon Age Origins. I remain doubtful about that, but hopeful that it will be better than DA2.

tanookisuit1705d ago

All I ask is, EA/Bioware do not do those promotional bonus item(s) BS they did with Dragon Age Origins/DA 2 (like the ones where you can only get if you bought Razr products, etc).

Truehellfire1705d ago

Please do not tie certain abilities to specific characters. They did this in Dragon Age II with each character having their own specific talent tree. This forced players to use certain party members no matter what, even if they didn't want to. Needed a tank? Aveline is the only one spec'd properly. Same as Anders for healer. Each character should have the same talent tree in Dragon Age Origins so that way talents do not effect your character relations.

RBlue_Desire1705d ago

Alistair! Alistair! Alistair! Alistair!.

Choices being mattered so that in different playthrough I can get to see different content.
Interactable world, and we can see the change we do at world.

DoctorJones1705d ago

I think that's really important in rpgs now, to see your actions truly change the world around you in a tangible manner. It's not enough just to make a different choice and see an encounter work out slightly differently, we want to actually see it change the environment on a grand scale over time.

The Witcher 2 was good in that regard in many ways.