PS4/PS3 Exclusive Yakuza Ishin Gets A Fantastic New Trailer and a 14 Minute Long Gameplay Video

Sega just released a new and beautiful trailer and a long gameplay video of Yakuza Ishin that will launch in Japan with the PS4 on February the 22nd, and on the PS3 as well.

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bujasem_891702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

HOLY SHIT!! @[email protected]

They must port this!

they talk a lot though -.-

bujasem_891701d ago

Ow... sorry about that, was rushing a bit.

I meant port to western regions like what the users on top of me mentioned lol!

MrTrololo1702d ago

Great another game that won't release outside Japan

ZodTheRipper1702d ago

How about some optimism?
I'm sure they'll do if we make enough noise.

MrTrololo1702d ago

Like how many fan have been asking for a US release for Yakuza 5,Valkyria Chronicles III & Phantasy Star Online 2 but till now Sega still hasn't make an announcement that they going to localized these game ? Yeah i don't see much hope Sega is going to localized this game.

sobekflakmonkey1702d ago

Yeah, I'm super down for this game, I like it, would probably buy day 1.

MightyNoX1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Bought every Yakuza game and even convinced some of my friends to pick up a copy. Sadly, SEGA no longer sees any point in localizing these games. T__T

TheLyonKing1702d ago

Worst comes to worse you can learn Japanese and just import it? haha

Eyeco1702d ago

Is the PS4 region locked ? The PS3 was region free, hence how I was able to play Demon's Souls before it launched in PAL.

sigfredod1702d ago

Well the game is also released on the PS4, and we know where the install base for the PS4 is right now, so i have high hopes

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Agent_hitman1702d ago

Haven't played any Yakuza games on my PS3.... I only watch them on YT..

e-p-ayeaH1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Start out with Yakuza 4 like i did fantastic game you can easily put 150+ hours if you wanna do everything in the game.

BobBelcher1702d ago

interesting game. Definitely would love to play a game in this era... Especially w/ as much RPG elements as this. I don't think this game will reach the western market though.

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The story is too old to be commented.