PlayStation 4 coming to India on January 6 for Rs 39,990

At its event in Delhi today, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 4 will be priced at Rs 39,990 in India. The console will be hitting stores on 6 January, 2014, and is up for pre-order from most online retailers. Interestingly, the PS3 had the same price tag back when it was released in India.

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GamerzElite1799d ago

Cost $646.. what the hell...

Relientk771799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Exchange rates, they're ridic

Chrono1799d ago

Taxation is usually the reason for more expensive pricing in other countries. For example, in United Arab Emirates, the console was released for 1699 AED, which is 462.56 USD (that's even less than the price of PS4 in Europe), because there is no sales or value-added tax there.

GamerzElite1799d ago

@ Chrono PS3 is available in india @ $250, $50 more from usa. Tax isn't a reason

LocutusEstBorg1798d ago

Even with all the import duties and shipping you can get it here for under Rs.30,000.

MegaRay1799d ago

My driver would be happy! (No offence intended)

RBlue_Desire1799d ago

C: Nope. Not gonna buy, will be waiting 2 more years I guess.
Even PS3 launched at same price. It took 2 years for its price to come down.

DealWithIt1799d ago

Needless to say, despite known for its IT sector, domestic internet connections in India are pathetically slow (1 to 2 Mbps MAX) with terrible reliability. I can't imagine a scenario where people can download a PS+ game from PSN (lets say 2GB, which isn't that big), unless they are one of the SUPER rich who can afford faster connections.

RBlue_Desire1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

<__< PS3.ProxyServer.GUI

and a Download manager. it takes 2 days of computer continuously running to download a normal 10GB game with no web-browsing at all.

The common speed here is 1mbps and most plans that give higher then that have FUP Limit after which speed is reduced to pathetically low 256kbps.

xD And yes, we have to "DealWithIt"

DealWithIt1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )


Its all result of a highly unregulated ISPs which are running wild and rigging the game against consumers in that country. (I have read a lot about anti-consumer ISPs in India). The most surprising things to me are
1 - Why government has no regulations / effective enforcement, especially when you call yourself a IT-based economy.

2- Why the young generation, which i believe is a large % of taxpayer population, is quiet about it? (again, in view of jobs created due to IT sector where young generation is employed)

P.S. - please don't take my comments personally or view them negatively towards India. I just wanted to express my views about the situation.

GamerzElite1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

@KurianOfBorg @DealWithIt One of my friend living in india and got his PS4 from usa on 17 nov for Rs 34000. and that guy downloaded 39 gb game of BF4 in 8 hours. Speed is depends on ur ISP. He has 5mbps (10mbps in night plan). So change ur ISP otherwise DealWithIt