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Horror Spooky:Ryse is to the Xbox One as Knack is to the PS4. Both games are exclusive to their respective platforms, and both games have been criminally underrated. Ryse in particular has been given a bad rap, but after having spent a significant amount of time with the game, I can’t fathom how people can rate it so poorly and keep a straight face. Ryse is one of the few experiences on these next-gen consoles that truly feels next-gen.

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BullyMangler1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

i think the reviewer meant to say 6-7.5 score. darn apple keyboards .

but if stale repetitive gameplay leads to greatness then this must be a dream right now, this review, along with YOU reading this comment ..

this cant be true. by the laws of CREATEivity and SKILL encouraging gameplay, this review cant be true .

Naga1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I think the best argument in favor of this game - which I have yet to see properly refuted - is that Ryse is, at its core, a hack-n-slash action game; such gameplay is inherently somewhat repetitive.

I think there's a very valid point in there which we owe it to the genre to acknowledge. It's never been quite my cup of tea, for that reason, but games like the God of War and Arkham series have taught me something:

The common draw of hack-n-slash action is the element of baddassery. If such a game's combat can make you look and feel like a baddass as you tear through legions of enemies, it has achieved that goal.

In an age where we so often look at classic games and praise their simplicity, I think it's odd that we we look at some modern games and condemn them so for the same reason. It's especially odd when you look at other hack-n-slash games and note how inconsistent we are with that criticism.

ipconflict1821d ago

8.5 - really? Is it meant to say 8.5/20 ?

Volkama1821d ago

It's a good game!

If you don't like the core combat mechanics you're going to find it repetitive. If you don't like shooting you'll find most FPS games repetitive. Most games are repetitive.

The combat is all about timing, rhythm, pattern recognition. The campaign throws enough new patterns to keep it interesting imo, and breaks up the pace and monotony with the same methods as most games.

I really liked the campaign, but I adamantly protest the structure of the multiplayer game. As the campaign is finite the the multiplayer is ruined by transactions I could only score this about a 7, but I'd still recommend everybody plays it just as soon as the price tag aligns with their value of several hours of entertainment.

kewlkat0071821d ago

I will start this game after dead rising 3..

christocolus1821d ago

Finished it days ago the game is really nice. You need to try it out for yourself. My friends and i enjoyed it.

Hope ms and crytek have started work on the rumored sequel.

lastofgen1821d ago

Lol @ the first two comments, hating on the game...
It's a review. If someone digs the game and awards it a good score, well, then that's their opinion.
Same goes for any other game or movie out whatever book out there.

WeAreLegion1821d ago

"Ryse is to the Xbox One as Knack is to the PS4. Both games are exclusive to their respective platforms, and both games have been criminally underrated."

I could not agree more.

McErono1821d ago

same here. i really like both games a lot! something is broken with todays review systems...

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The story is too old to be commented.