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My Top 5 Emotional Moments In Gaming

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

After just finishing The Last Of Us earlier today (picked up a PS3/Last Of Us on Sunday) and being very impressed with the game, but also left with some pretty strong emotions from events that happened in the game I’ve decided to construct a list of 5 moments in videogames that have been emotional to me. Please note that these are from games that I’ve played, so if a game isn’t on this list it’s probably because I didn’t play it, or one of these tops that moment. Let’s begin! These are also in no particular order. (Gears of War 3, Mass Effect 3, PS3, The Last Of Us, The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker, The Walking Dead: Episode 1 "A New Day", Wii U, Xbox 360)

dboyc310  +   206d ago
Surprised journey wasn't mention. That game brought tears of joy. The ending is just amazing in the first playthrough since it just hits you out of no where.
Welshy  +   205d ago
I had an online buddy in my playthrough of Journey, we went from start to the final ascent up the mountain, around half way up he started to slow and I waited back until he just slumped over and died...

I had legit man tears.

But when you get all the energy at the end and fly off into the horizon, he got saved too and we flew off side by side into the mountains while I had the biggest smile on my face.

I'd never have thought a 2 hour game with a random online person could hit me so hard. I seen the guys PSN at the end and we added each other, discussed the game and have been PSN buddies since.

If you haven't played Journey, stop reading this comment and go buy it right now.
Manio31  +   205d ago
Just bought my PS3 on Sunday, so haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Most of my time went into TLoU.
aaron5829  +   206d ago
My number 1 is still final fantasy x
pitchshifter  +   206d ago
I cry everytime i lose a guy on xcom :(
Bob Dole  +   205d ago
I cry evertiem when that baby in Max Payne cries if you fall off the blood trail.
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dalehitchy  +   205d ago
i agree with arron5829... final fantasy x has two heartwarming / sad moments (the one where they are in the water and the ending)

journey also plucked a string which is suprising for a short / indie game.
rhcpfan  +   205d ago
The Darkness with Jenny and all.
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khdaface  +   205d ago
from this generation ...

emil scene from nier
Welshy  +   205d ago
-Big Boss's death in MGS4
-Jenny and Jackie at the end of The Darkness
-Eva's monologue and Big Boss crying at the end of MGS3
-When my character appeared to be dying at the final climb in Journey then flying off into the horizon.
-Joel's daughter in The Last Of Us
-Inspirational tears at the end monologue and music in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
-Lee's final words to Clem in Telltales The Walking Dead.
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frostypants  +   205d ago
The beginning of TLoU was a huge kick in the gut. Did a great job setting up Joel's character and why he is the way he is.

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