How much would you pay for old consoles in today’s money?

The Xbox One is currently the most expensive gaming console on the market and people like to think back to how cheap it used to be to game. However take a look at the price of those older consoles once inflation is added to the price.

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler1820d ago

id just go to play n trade and buy them around $40,$50,$60 bucks. i wouldnt pay that much unless it was untouched factory sealed in the box.

GavinMannion1819d ago

I'd say if they were sealed in factory boxes they'd be worth a ton more

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

dreamcast: cheapest at $409.99

nintendo entertainment system : cheapest at $699.99

playstation: cheapest at

Sega Master System: cheapest at $699.99

sega genesis: cheapest at $299.99

i can go on all factory sealed. i wouldnt say a ton more. only idiots on ebay make you pay a ridiculous amount of what your thinking.

inveni01819d ago

I'm more interested in what they'd cost to make today. Even in a factory sealed box, paying $500 for something I could assemble using old calculator parts and a trip to Radio Shack doesn't make much sense.

(Yeah, I know, I'm being a little over-dramatic.)

Retroman1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

go in any THRIFT store pick em up cheap 10-15.00 Sega master system,Sega genesis, Dreamcast,Ps2,Gamecube,Ps1,Sat urn,3DO for 30.00
bought SNES 10.00 found Contra III alien war 5.00

sinjonezp1819d ago

I have the donkey kong 64 green nintendo 64 in ment condition with the ram pack. Wonder if that will be worth something one day. However inflation is crazy and to think how much money wr spent back in the day for videogame consoles as it relates to job wages and the value of the dollar against products. I bought almost every game.system.since the nes and looking back makes me think. Wow lol

AndrewLB1819d ago

I sure wish I had never sold my rare TurboGrafx Duo console. They sell all the time for $1,000 on Ebay if they have the box and everything in good condition.

Here's a Turbografx Duo for $4500 on Amazon that's "brand new in box".

Unfortunately there were so few CD-Rom games for TurboGrafx-CD and Duo that were localized (around 90) that it just killed the console. Japan had 4x as many games and the console was the best available at the time.

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ALARM-clock1819d ago

I think he meant a ton more than the prices you listed, not the prices listed in the article.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1819d ago

the prices i listed in my original post are used console prices at a place i go to even at that i dont know why he would think its a ton more for used consoles. actually im seeing online used consoles at like 14 to 20 bucks cheaper than what i bought them at the store. i mean he cant be serious if he thought i was saying factory sealed at 40 or 50 bucks lol.

redwin1819d ago

I remember the ps3 being $800 when it first came out.

frostypants1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

You're mis-understanding the article. It's not about how much those systems are worth now. It's about how much these consoles would cost back in the day if we adjusted for inflation...i.e., if 1986 dollars were the equivalent of 2013 dollars, the NES would have cost $412.

Or, in other words, when people complain about the cost of these new consoles at $400 and $500, they are somewhat full of it, because $400-$500 today is the rough equivalent of $200-$300 back then.

Of course, the problem is that income for over 99% of the population has not kept up with inflation over this period, but that's another discussion.

MarkusMcNugen1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Correct. The problem with these kinds of comparisons is that they only factor inflation without any other variables. With the stronger economy both global and in the U.S. back then those prices were not too farfetched. At least some of them werent.

You sir, are getting an intelligence bubble.

Kidmyst1819d ago

The article is talking about how much they cost when they launched but added in inflation is it's at today's prices. Not how much they are selling for now.

Beastforlifenoob1819d ago

This is historical prices adjusted to inflation not what its worth today due to its antiquity.

Ps4Console1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I would love to have the space to have a huge collection of every console every made .

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Darranged1819d ago

I tried to trade in a Nintendo Virtual Boy once, but all I got was a voucher for a slap in the face from BT Games.

moonstormer1819d ago

i had an atari, NES, SNES, Playstation and PS2 at launch - wow my parents were awesome... and rich, apparently!

Bathyj1819d ago

Who knew?

I had dozens and dozens of Atari games. My parents must have been coke dealers.

Pozzle1819d ago

I seem to recall buying a PS2 for more than $395 when it was first released.

Ah, Australia, your console prices are so ridiculous.

GavinMannion1819d ago

lol if we took Australian prices into consideration this list would be entirely different

PawnSacrifice1819d ago

Don't quote me on this but when I got my N64 ( in Australia) it was $399, double that of the $200 US price, ergo just under $600 by today!
I can't remember but the PS 1,2 & 3 were all around the $700 mark at launch, granted the Aus $ was only .50c US.
But even now we've caught up why the HELL do we still have to pay up to $119 for a game!

GavinMannion1819d ago

I wouldn't worry too much though.. the PlayStation 4 in South Africa is currently $599 and we don't even have the Xbox One yet

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