PlayStation 4 Dream C Club Game Is A Free To Play Title

When the PlayStation 4 was unveiled for Japan, Sony showed a bunch of titles made for Japan like a new Earth Defense Force and Dream C Club: Host Girls on Stage. Famitsu says this game will be a free to play title.

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Snookies121736d ago

I'd play it. Just for something different. Never get anything even remotely close to this sort of game over here lol.

Tiechie1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I wish they would just have a few people dedicated to translating games, so they could bring them over here.

WeAreLegion1736d ago

They do have a team dedicated to localisation, but they're pretty busy right now. They sort of go by whatever games the fans want most.

Tiechie1736d ago

I guess they need more then a few then.

imXify1736d ago

This game is dangerous for procreation hahaha ! :P

MegaRay1736d ago

Free to date? Awesome lol