USA Pre-Order Chart (Week Ending 12/14/13)

Pos Game Weeks to Launch Weekly Change Total
1 Watch Dogs (PS4) N/A 9,922 203,344
2 Destiny (PS4) N/A 17,840 175,718
3 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PS3) 14 14,570 157,610
4 Titanfall (XOne) 13 19,688 142,122
5 Destiny (XOne) N/A 16,115 139,556
6 inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4) 14 14,872 130,989
7 Watch Dogs (XOne) N/A 6,789 128,108
8 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) 9 12,961 117,065
9 South Park: The Stick of Truth (X360) 12 6,432 100,690
10 Dark Souls II (PS3) 13 9,646 99,511

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Agent_hitman1819d ago

Wow PS4 has still high pre-orders of softwares..

Gabenbrah1819d ago

Good to see Titanfall doing better, was worried about it a few months ago, had very low pre-orders.

Lalanana1819d ago

Yes me too. As launch date approaches, it will gain ground.

On other note.. you got 6 disagrees from angry sony fanboys lol..they are so hurt..

Gabenbrah1819d ago

Lmfao wow, didn't even say anything bad about Sony or Playstation... Well, I can't wait for Titanfall, it's your loss if you choose not to play it.

Riderz13371819d ago

Sony Fanboys? Pretty sure people are disagreeing with him because he said Titan Fall had low pre orders before. Sony "fanboys" can play your "exclusive" on their PC, and thank god this game doesn't look that good graphically. Meaning low system reqs.

B-radical1819d ago

Lol well need windows to play to titanfall on pc so people will still be giving money to microsoft for this MS exclusive

Chrisgamerguy1819d ago

Wow titanfall pre orders beating every other game. Cant wait to play it on my x1!

hiptanaka1819d ago

Can't wait to play it on my PC.

avengers19781819d ago

Except for the 3 games a head of it right, or did you mean for XB1.

B-radical1819d ago

Think he meant exclusive....Yes its coming to pc but its still a MS exclusive... But second son isnt to far behind.

KratosSaveUs1819d ago

Can't wait for InFamous Second Son.

Master-H1819d ago

Nice to see Dark Souls II up in there, i pre ordered the EU black armor edition.

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The story is too old to be commented.