The Last Of Us DLC: A Reason to be Disappointed?

PixelGate writes:


After much discussion and speculation, the first piece of story-driven DLC for The Last of Us has been revealed–and people are a little disheartened.

The general vibe from the fan base is that the Ellie/Joel story arc originally ended in a more than satisfying manner, and thus revisiting either character would be a mistake. I personally agree with this notion as I feel that The Last of Us‘ universe had plenty more stories to tell outside of the game’s central pairing, which concluded satisfyingly.''

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iamnsuperman1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I am not disappointed by the move. I do feel it was an odd move. I see the last of us as a solid experience that doesnt need a prequel of sorts. It shouldn't get a sequel either. That game is about ellie and Joel building a relationship (tieing themes and situations together). I feel branching from that is unnecessary and also not in keeping with the story. I know the trend is for every game to get DLC but it would have been nice to see this game buck that trend (like it did with story telling)

RytGear1702d ago

I think if it were to be a sequel it should be completely different cast, same universe.

joab7771702d ago

And yeah...more sp content for LoU pre story is a terrible idea...very disappointing. What? Everyone bitched when they said that it would b mp only dlc and now this.

I guess...and maybe they will...but an in between story mission that leads into the sequel. Hell, they could release 5 more sp dlcs with different characters and they would all sell well. Give me more. On 2nd thought...start working on the sequel for ps4.

-Foxtrot1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Theres two reasons I'm disapointed with the DLC

1) By the time it comes out I will have sold my PS3 to pay for PS4 so I'm hoping for a GOTY version for the PS4


2) I've read about Ellie and Riley's adventures in the comic books and I know enough about Ellie's past for now. Also knowing Riley is going to <SPOILERS> bite the dust anyway is a tad off putting.

All the characters they could of done

Joel/Tommy right after the first 5 minutes of the game up to when they separated

Joel/Tess when they first met

Tess from when the infection started to when she met Joel

Henry/Sam before they met Ellie/Joel

Marlene either on her trip to the hospital with the Fireflies or when the infection started

Bill/Frank how they met and how Bill went a tad crazy

Hell even he ended up the way he did.

So many missed opportunities. They are stories I want to see but not stories I would like to see in a full blown sequel.

RytGear1702d ago

Dude, you forgot the absolute best one, Ish!

JetP06191702d ago

it's not confirmed yet that the game is coming to ps4 although there is a possibility. Reading comics and playing and actually experiencing the game are two different things.

-Foxtrot1702d ago

Yeah they are different but it's still wasted when we already know their back story.

I'd rather they focus on other characters

JetP06191702d ago

how is it wasted? not everyone read the comics and a lot of people loved the game and would love to experience more of it. i dont see the logic in why you would say its wasted.

-Foxtrot1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Then tough, if they haven't read the comics thats not my problem the point is the story is still there. You can read the comics online somewhere or buy them if you are that interested in the Last of Us.

As I've said when you have other characters which have no media at all of their backstories why waste it with two people who do.

Hell look at your comment below

"that would be awesome, it could be a different cast but it could also be joel 20 years from before trying to survive with other unknown people in a more chaotic environment."

I'm guessing you'd rather see that then what we got...if so then yeah it's a missed opportunity.

Look at the list above, I'd rather play one of those scenarios then dwell in Ellies past with Riley...AGAIN. It's different if ND were going to make a bunch of DLC but all we'll see is one or two packs, thats all. I'd rather they be spent on other characters we havent seen much of.

JetP06191702d ago

what about my comment, i never stated anything about being disappointed in a prequel or a sequel? i did mention about other characters but with joel as the main character still. so i dont see your logic still. Lmfao.

Enjoy writing your next comment. too bad i wont be able to reply. so im not even checking it.

-Foxtrot1702d ago

I'm saying your going on below about wanting this story you've described and then defending how this isn't a wasted choice when we already have enough backstory on these two characters.

Wouldn't you of rather had a game with Joel "20 years from before trying to survive with other unknown people in a more chaotic environment" then another story with Riley and Ellie....course you would because it sounds a lot better and we don't know a thing about Joels past after the infection but with Ellie and Riley we already have the comics explaining what happened. Even in the game Ellie dwells more into her past then Joel does.

"Enjoy writing your next comment. too bad i wont be able to reply. so im not even checking it."

I am...because I like to inform people who act like they are always right and refuse to let go when they realise they have no clue what they are talking about again.

Oh and you will check it...don't say you won' will.

How immature....

inmusicutrust1702d ago

Foxtrot I am one of the few that agrees, and I get the feeling one of the few that actually read the comics. If they stay true to the comics I don't see how much they can do with the story, the story was pretty direct and had very little action. My hope is they made the comics with the intention of eventually making this dlc. The comics seem to span a couple of nights, and their weaponry would be nothing more than a switch blade. Really interested to see how ND pull this off. I feel they have something up their sleeve.

joab7771702d ago

Try ur best not to sell ur ps3. Wait a little bit if u can. Its still a killer entertainment hub and dark souls 2 is coming. Sell all ur games. I know its is for many of us.

But, if u have to, there r some killer apps for ps4 despite all the articles. Right now I am cycling b/w Killzone mp, B4 mp, AC 4 and its dlc (which is long), resogun and DC Univers. Never played DC before...quiye good for free. Are u kidding me. Also, there is Warframe, Bkacklight Retribution and soon in the US, War Thunder, which looks ao damn good. That and NBA 2k14 is one of the best sports games I have played in awhile. I am more than set until March when Infamous and Dark Souls 2 releases. Also, I think Diablo 3 is coming and FF14 in April.

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lonewolfjedi1702d ago

I want see the 20 year space from the first breakout

JetP06191702d ago

that would be awesome, it could be a different cast but it could also be joel 20 years from before trying to survive with other unknown people in a more chaotic environment.

lonewolfjedi1702d ago

yes! same thing I was thinking

Gabenbrah1702d ago

There's a lot of expectations for this DLC, so it could easily disappoint some people, I have faith it won't :)

ajax171702d ago

If it's written by Neil Druckmann then we have nothing to worry about.

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