Microsoft: Xbox One Parity Clause For Indies Might Be Revised

Chris Charla, the leader of the division at Xbox One working with indie developers, says that the very controversial parity clause might be reviewed in the near future if enough studios offer negative feedback about it.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1460d ago

There should be no parity clause in the first place!

timlot1460d ago ShowReplies(2)
Volkama1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Meh revise it a little bit then. Let them get around it if they pay for their own dev kits and Unity and such.

Indies wanting to have their cake and eat it. "We want to make money off your platform, we want to be able to do so for free and we don't want any rules!".

nukeitall1459d ago

This is to protect Xbox One users from receiving sloppy seconds.

I can understand those that already released a game on a different platform, but let's face it, they can always add a little content and the problem is resolved.

What is there to complain about?

The vast majority of console gamers themselves don't care. Heck, they don't care about indie games in general.

infectedaztec1459d ago

I agree. PS fans might have been ok getting Bioshock and Mass Effect (I know these are AAA games) a year after release but as an xbox owner I'd like to purchase the latest software for my money.

I know it may result in xbox missing one or two gems, but I think these rules benefit the xbox gamers overall. Indies are unhappy because MS are prioritising consumer experience over indie experience.

zeal0us1460d ago

Call me when it will be revised. Might isn't good enough.

Godmars2901460d ago

Think that's something indie devs have to say. And for MS to wait too late for the negative effects the more vocal ones are voicing.

whothedog1460d ago

"Alright we know this is wrong, but we want to wait to hear enough negative feedback to change it."

Bathyj1460d ago

Exactly. They keep doing this stuff they know is bogus, but that think lets just see if we get away with it. If theres no backlash then they dont change it. Well push it as far as we can and then back off if we push too far.

I know Xbone defenders think everyone who hates Microsoft is a Sony fanboy, but you can thank the people that spoke up for what Xbone is now. Their policies wouldnt just have affected future XB owners, its would have affected the whole industry if they got away with it and Xbone would be a completely different machine if not for "the haters".

DigitalRaptor1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Oh man, don't say that.

They were waiting for their totally feasible family share, the totally realistic competitive prices of digital content, and an all digital future that is still actually possible without all the restrictions if you buy your games digitally, regardless of the fact that ISPs still don't have the capacity or infrastructure to support a digital-only, always-on future at this point in time. This was all worth the horrible anti-consumer practices supposedly. And this is no different.

But you're right, at this point Microsoft defenders don't care about who this affects, as long as it makes Microsoft money and they can boast about how many billions they have as a corporation.

Godmars2901460d ago

More like they're waiting on the general popularity of their console. Whether or not they can say to devs "we've got the #1 system, so you have to do as we say" or "We're not doing so good, what do we have to do to kiss your @$$".

MightyNoX1459d ago

Pretty much this. The more consoles MS sells, the more they can bargain and bully from a position of strength.

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The story is too old to be commented.