Epic Games' Tim Sweeney On Nvidia's G-Sync: "It frees us from locking a game at 30fps"

DSOGaming writes: "Nvidia has released a new video in which Epic Games' Tim Sweeney shares his thoughts about Nvidia's new G-Sync technology. According to Sweeney, G-Sync will free Epic Games from making the decision of locking a game at 30fps."

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zeal0us1675d ago

Why would you lock a game at 30fps on pc? I could understand for consoles but pcs not so much. It seem the G-Sync hype train keeps rolling.

john21675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

totally agree. Sweeney should have used a different example to convince people about G-Sync

Godmars2901675d ago

If you want more high-def details with plenty of effects and artifacts, you're going to have to give up something.

Gabenbrah1675d ago

He could be referring to people who frame lock their games at 30 FPS on PC, now they don't have to as the frame rate always look smooth with g-sync and never screen tears.

tee_bag2421675d ago

Yep that is pretty much what he means.

ExitToExisT1675d ago

I don't know what happened to pc games at the last few years but majority of them suffers from this:
You get 60 fps, and suddenly it drops to 50 and you feel this drop heavily. (normally you shouldn't feel it until it hits below 30)

As a pc gamer myself i believe this is the biggest problem i am having for the last few years.

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_QQ_1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Next gen starts when Nvidia says so. Gabe knows best.

Gabenbrah1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I saw a G-Sync monitor the other day, everything was so incredibly smooth and there was zero screen tearing, I was very impressed, no more V-Sync, thank god, so happy I stuck with NVIDIA.

SlapHappyJesus1675d ago

Just grabbed the new BenQ 144hz monitor a little while back. Will probably stick with that for a while. Definitely want to grab a G-Sync monitor sometime down the road though.
I will let all of the different manufacturers get a hold of the tech and buy once a truly stellar monitor is released.

SlapHappyJesus1675d ago

Well, most developers don't lock their game at 30 on PC to begin with. Releases that do do this are reflective of games poorly coded, where animations are tied to the framerate itself, or simply crap ports.
This statement is sad, considering it comes from the head of a development studio whose roots are that of PC gaming.

LAWSON721675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2 are 30 fps with v-sync on, and IMO unplayable because it feels slow and irresponsive with it on

SlapHappyJesus1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I just switched to my monitor's refresh rate via the Nvidia Control Panel.
No tearing and it takes full advantage of the 144hz refresh rate. At least for the original. Still replaying through the first game.

The game literally never dips below 144.

Oh, no, I know what you are saying. I was just saying that there are ways to avoid screen-tearing while not having to be stuck at 30fps. It just wasn't doable within the game's options. Wasn't sure whether you were aware or not. There's a surprising number of people who are unaware of Nvidia's Control Panel and AMD's Catalyst Control and what they can do to improve your games.

LAWSON721675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

No I am saying with ingame vsync on it is locked at 30, but when it is off it runs easily above 160+ on a hd 7950 and even at 60 fps the game feels very smooth especially when compared to console version. For some reason the game caused coil whine, though.

LAWSON721675d ago

How much are these monitors compared to say a decent $100-150 monitor? If they are a good $150 more, a more expensive GPU sounds like the better choice.

Fishy Fingers1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

It's not a case of simply being "better",they allow the GPU to tell the monitor when to refresh. The plus being zero screen tearing and a boost in performance as you no longer need to run V-sync.

The supporting monitors "should be" closely priced to a similar (or perhaps older version) pre G-sync monitor.

Edit: hahaha ignore that. First Asus model costs an extra $260 with G-Sync. Lol. Yeah I'd take the extra GPU.

LAWSON721675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I looked it up and it looks like an Asus monitor is retailing at around $700+ and the module is $300. I would much prefer xfire r9 280x/r9 290x/gtx 780 ti or a QHD display. I dont notice screen tearing and as of now I am perfectly fine with v-sync 60 fps, so that is one hell of a premium.
Edit: too late lol

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