Ubisoft’s Laurent Detoc: Watch_Dogs Could Have Been the “Best-Rated” Next-Gen Launch Title

David Rodriguez writes, "Watch_Dogs was certainly on my list of “games that will make me buy a console at launch,” and I imagine many others had a similar list. That being said, it was disappointing when Ubisoft announced that the game would be delayed to the Spring of 2014, thus ensuring it would miss the launches of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the entire 2013 holiday season. Ubisoft’s North American President Laurent Detoc elaborated on what was behind the decision and what he thought of Watch_Dogs‘ potential as a PS4/Xbox One launch title."

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gamernova1794d ago

Let's face it, the competition is not even high right now. Being a big fish in a small pond is nice but if you really want to be taken seriously, you have to take on the big fish too.

ovnipc1794d ago

I prefer for them to delay it and not be a mess like BF4 that needs like 3 gb in patches.
And better to wait until GTA cools down a little.

gamernova1794d ago

True. It feels like gamers are getting "early access betas" instead of actual games.

Kaiou1794d ago

But they were still afraid of GTA so they delayed it?

2pacalypsenow1794d ago

no it wouldnt cuz it wasnt even Finished/polished EX BF4

CrossingEden1794d ago

Just because battlefield 4 wasn't polished doesn't mean that ALL next gen games aren't finished or polished. Just look at AC4, that's an extremely polished game.

2pacalypsenow1794d ago

i meant it wouldnt have been if it was released on launch , cuz it wasnt ready

Swiftfox1794d ago

I'm not buying the reasoning here.

Call me cynical, but I fear the reason for the delay was to bolster their Q1 performance for 2014 having already met their fiscal goals for Q4 and 2013. The delay would also ensure a greater saturation rate for the next-gen consoles and optimize profits on those machines.

curtis921794d ago

Regardless, more time in the oven never hurt a game. And after whats been going on with BF4, I very much welcome extra time for polish. Look at Driveclub and how much better its looking since its delay.

curtis921794d ago

Good for Ubisoft delaying it and making it a better game. They could've easily lauched what they had and cleaned up nicely in sales between AC4 & WD but they held off and I think WD will be far better for it.

MegaRay1794d ago

That what I like in Ubisoft games, quality

colonel1791794d ago

It wasn't always like that though. Ubisoft started let gen badly, but they improved a lot recently. They are becoming one of the best developers around. Their games have had very good quality and gameplay.

MegaRay1794d ago

Better late than never

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The story is too old to be commented.