Microsoft needs to do just one more thing to sell me on Xbox One

By Brad Reed: "It’s been weeks since the release of both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One and I admit that I’m still torn over which one to buy. And given that sales of both consoles have been in a virtual dead heat so far, I’d wager that a lot of gamers are feeling conflicted as well."

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Suspect11551d ago

First they need to lower the price then they need to fix the bumpers on the controller also if u dont have a kinect navigating the OS is really slow everything is an app even games.

jackanderson19851551d ago

i can understand the price and even the kinect (although personally i've no issue with it) but the bumpers really? what's wrong with them?

cleft51551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Short of Microsoft changing their corporate policies there is nothing they can do to change my mind. I felt like an utter fool after Don Mattrick comments and the DRM garbage. I couldn't believe I brought a 360 and gave Microsoft money that basically empowered them to try and ruin gaming as knew it.

The sad thing was that a bunch of people was saying that thsi was the direction Microsoft was going to go in long before they went in that direction. I dismissed those people as fanboys.

Then all of this happened and I realized that I supported a company that would have ruined gaming as we knew it, if it had not been for Sony needing desperately to pull ahead of Microsoft and the hype that was the 360.

If a person problem with Microsoft isn't policy based or privacy based than I don't see why they don't just buy a Xbox One. If you like their game well you know Microsoft will have them. But if your concerns are policy based and privacy based like mine than wait a long time before jumping in and even then be skeptical.

malokevi1551d ago

I prefer the new bumpers to those on the 360 controller. Controller is really nice.

timlot1551d ago

Bumpers are fine. Kinect is just as important to XB1 as the controller. Jump in.

UbiquitousClam1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

What is peoples issue with the bumper buttons on the controller? How are they different from the bumpers on any other controller? Are there actually people out there that find it hard to press these buttons in?

If somehow you don't have enough strength to press these buttons as easily as any other button then to me that is most definitely your problem and not the controllers.

Bathyj1551d ago

I've heard they are too close together but I wouldnt know myself.

XxGOWxX1551d ago

they're slightly re-positioned compared to the 360. at first i though they felt weird but now im used to them. i picked up my 360 controller yesterday after using the XBO and it felt weird. I think its just that different feeling in your hands after years of 360 use.

hazardman1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

No no no no....when you turn off Kinect everything still runs smooth. The bumpers are fine to me. Playing NBA2K14 on PS4 sometimes that R1 would get stuck...the game requires heavy uses of triggers so I dont want hear im talking bs..I putting plenty hrs of NBA2K14 on both PS4 and X1. The bumpers on X1 I dont have that problem due to the way its made. And the games work the same as it does on PS4.

I suspected you being a troll...

HurtfulTimez1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

if ms had an xbox one without kinect i would snap one up straight away.

reasons? Im not in to voice controls, and i am not in to motion control gaming.

XxGOWxX1551d ago

I was never into voice commands either. but once you know a few key commands you always use them. Also if you game with friends the kinect auto signs in each person which is nice.

Depending what games you like playing theyve integrated voice commands into them too which is handy. IE in FIFA you can call out for subs and make tactical changes without using the controller.

Sometimes just the easy/simple things make using something that much better.

The kinect gesture games may suck but its a very handy UI tool. A lot of reviews say basically the same thing, never liked kinect, tried it in the UI and havent stopped since.

HurtfulTimez1551d ago

at GOW
now that was a very good sales pitch! you must or should work in sales you would make a killing! lol!

The thing i dont like with voice is that it is still not 100 percent accurate, not even 90+ accurate, like i said ages ago when voice controls can distinguish an N from an M then i will be impressed as for now, i dont want to change the way i speak just to turn my console on or to turn the tv over also repeating commands when they dont work is so lame and embarrasing tbh.
As for motion controls never really liked them tbh but i did buy a psmove which was amazing for games like tumble and was the most accurate out of all motion controlled devices imo just a shame sony didnt support it the way they could of.

I do want an xbox one but ms need to prove to me why i should want/need/use kinect

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Yo Mama1551d ago

"Microsoft needs to do just one more thing to sell me on Xbox One"

Pretty sure it can't turn into a PS4.

Legacy2121551d ago

Bro get a life stop trolling every x1 article be happy with your ps4 and move on with your life

Rimeskeem1551d ago

The definition of getting a life is different to everyone. Although i do hate trolls i do see the fun in it.

Max-Zorin1551d ago

PS4 is out yet you're here. I swear you PS fanboys are miserable. Worse that Beyonce stans.

Spartan1191550d ago

Why would it want to downgrade it self

air11551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Good reason.. I think its stupid not to have bc and think it comes down to greed.

And here i thought i was going to read another xb1 with out kinect..

jackanderson19851551d ago

how exactly does it come down to greed? the majority of the gamers won't immediately throw out their previous generation consoles, the architecture is so different that'd they have to include a SoC to boot them which would have likely driven up the price or they'd have to offer a Gaikai like service that'll most likely be an extra sub (just a guess on that)

air11551d ago

How? Give it some time.... We will start seeing all the remakes, this console wasnt built over night and its their 3rd console.... Imo they could have figured something out or simply made the term limited edition actually mean something and sold a bc version instead of a stupid black card, box and a stamp. Or made a premium and premium not just be more hdd space..

They could have did something... All that power of the cloud talk and they couldnt do something with that? then maybe they would have had something to truly show for it.. ms had no plans at all to support the console that got them where they are they basicaly said f the 360 at the very least sony so far seems like they have a fix for it..

DigitalRaptor1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

@ Air1

So you basically want the PS4 and Xbone to be $100-150 more expensive, with circuit board design issues because of the backwards compatibility?

And you want these consoles to be successful and have good longevity?

Keep dreaming. Keep your older consoles, cause the option is out there.

Jughead34161551d ago

The only reason why I won't get an XBOX yet is because I need to have XBOX live to do the simplest things that don't require PS Plus on PS4. Maybe holiday 2014 for me.

air11551d ago

But you now need ps+ to play onle... Unless you dont play online at all its kind of a wash, no?

air11551d ago


Do you need an explanation on why sony didnt keep the free online play model?

Braveheart_NZ1551d ago

I have both systems and enjoy both..... There are many free to play games that PS4 users don't need PS Plus to play online, against others, such as Warframe, War Thunder, DC Universe online, Blacklight Retribution and Planetside 2, the latter which gets released early 2014 and can handle 2000 players on a map. That is for now and there are rumoured many more similar free to play games in the works. Most of the other things such as party chat, Netflix and Hulu etc etc aren't hidden behind a pay wall to use them, so if you don't have PS Plus you can still use those services for free......

I have X1 Gold until April 2015 anyway and will renew and stack more gold,so its not that big a deal:) There will be
many games on both systems that I will be buying, playing and enjoying. 2014 will be a great gaming year for BOTH systems

Rimeskeem1551d ago

It makes since but its the same with Xbox Live just more restriction and you can still play the free to play games without ps+ so if you run our then just play blacklight or Planetside 2 and get really good at it and when you have the money get ps+

XboxFun1551d ago

If you really need a console to watch Netflix or Hulu then get a Roku box, tablet or smart TV. These consoles have those features as an add on not a main seller.

KonsoruMasuta1551d ago

That still doesn't explain why Microsoft has to put those features behind a paywall.

DigitalRaptor1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

It still remains about the principle. it's not something you can pin on a reason you personally are buying the console. That's just an apologist excuse, and i'm glad I've seen other, more reasonable people admit that.

The Internet browser, is a premium feature. Yup, the internet browser. And don't tell me you consider that to be just an add-on feature, when all I've heard about is how awesome snap functionality is and how it's a system seller. Seriously, what kind of company charges you, per year, for an Internet browser that they offer on their other platforms, for free (infinitely)? What kind of company charges you on a yearly basis for apps that connect to third party servers and are free to access on every single other platform under the sun?

Looks like you still cannot admit what is a bonafide anti-consumer practice and fundamentally wrong - to charge for something that is accepted as a free standard everywhere else.

thrust1551d ago

Cheap people are cheap!

DigitalRaptor1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

@ thrust

The weakest defence of all, is the one that completely misses the point.

If I was cheap, I wouldn't have bought the more expensive PS3 last gen. If I was cheap I wouldn't have bought two years of PlayStation Plus upfront. If I was cheap, I wouldn't have bought one of the most expensive PS4 bundles. If I was cheap... well I'd be renting all my games, but i buy 'em brand new.

As usual, the point took off and flew right over your head, after I laid it right out in front of you. It's the principle of charging for what is already free everywhere else, as well as the blatant, insulting double standards. I hope I don't have to spell that out for you... again.

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Bigpappy1551d ago

Would be nice, but it is not prohibitive for me. I hardly go back to old games.

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