LEGO The Last of Us’ Joel Does the Banderas

After Naughty Dog won Studio of the Year at the 2013 VGXs they created a video of one of their main characters, Joel, imitating the “Antonio Banderas,” a popular meme/gif that circulated in the wake of the PlayStation 4′s announcement.

Due to the recent popularity of his LEGO The Last of Us video, Mr. Anderson has created a video of the same imitation in LEGO form. You can check it out below.

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Kayant1555d ago

Ahhh Damn I don't think I will even stop loving this meme. Amazing animation by the creator.

Majin-vegeta1555d ago

Lol this is gold.Sony needs to make BANDERAS thier PS4 mascot :P

Aceman181555d ago

hahaha this will never get old i love it hahaha

thejigisup1555d ago

Game tribute of a game tribute of a yosp tribute to banderas....amazing!