I Want to Play Massive Multiplayer Games All By Myself

GeekParty's Mandi Odoerfer writes: "Every item on every list Buzzfeed has ever made about introverts applies to me. I love it when I have no plans for the entire weekend. An awesome Friday night usually involves me alone with a stack of video games. Being around strange new people makes me want to hide under my covers. And yet, for some strange reason, I love MMORPGs."

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Seraphemz1702d ago

"Massive Multiplayer" all by yourself? That would be an oxymoron...

JohnnyTower1702d ago

Massive Singleplayer just doesn't have the same ring. Super Singleplayer?

zeal0us1702d ago

Speaking of Massive Singleplayer, Nintendo back in 2011 sought to patent massively single-playing online game.

pandehz1702d ago

Umm isnt that where a Mass of people buy a single player game?

Dont we already have a buttload of that?

3-4-51701d ago

So like a huge Mega expanded version of Dragon Quest 9 ? = awesome

Jubez1871702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

What is the world coming to when social anxiety bars you from even speaking to people behind the anonymity of a screen and keyboard? Also, not striving to interact with people only makes it worse. Back in the day you had to actually talk to people face to face, fight face to face, ask a girl out face to face. I don't know how you expect to get by in the world without talking to the other inhabitants.

I digress, MMO's are supposed to be played with people and the dev's even try to emphasize that through their gameplay and mechanics. I would suggest the author try a little harder to talk to people, MMO communities are not a quarter as toxic as RTS/MOBA/FPS communities so if you're gonna start anywhere it'd be here.

-Foxtrot1702d ago

Hey it's not our fault if social anxiety problems big or small gets in the way of such small silly's just how it is. If you can't see that then you obviously don't know how it feels to suffer with anxiety problems. Hell I don't even like talking to people on the phone, friends are "alright" but trying to ring up work or the bank is a nightmare...yes again it's silly but it's not our fault.

I don't see why you can't anyway, it's just a choice, it's not going to affect anyone else they can play the game the way they want.

Seriously when it's the other way round, when people want multiplayer in single player only games it's fine...but when it's the other way round it's a big no no....I don't think so.

Roccetarius1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

MMO's are already being designed to be played as SP games, which is a bad thing in my eyes. It's completely against the point of the genre, if you're not interacting with the community to overcome obstacles.

I've played MMO's for quite a while, even since i was a younger kid. During those years, i've been much more open to people, instead of a closed off individual.

Please don't hurt the genre even more, just because you're afraid of people.

Single Player games i can understand, because games like Witcher 3 will have a diminished story. You no doubt saw what happened to Mass Effect.

-Foxtrot1702d ago


Nobody is wanting them to turn INTO single player games people would just like the choice if they can go through the game by themselves. It's a choice and I'm guessing it's a lot easier to do that then adding silly co-op modes or multiplayer single player only games like what people want for Elder Scrolls or Fallout.

" if you're not interacting with the community to overcome obstacles. "

Oh come on I bet not everyone does that, that's the kind of stuff you would see in impressive launch trailers where everyone is rallying together to come out on top. It's a fantasy for most people and it never works out like that. Most people are in it for themselves.

Jubez1871702d ago

"Seriously when it's the other way round, when people want multiplayer in single player only games it's fine...but when it's the other way round it's a big no no....I don't think so."

That's not entirely true in my case. I'm always against pouring resourcing into MP that'll die in a week to CoD and BF (example:Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider)

Anyways, my girlfriend has almost every anxiety in the book so I understand anxiety 9 out of 10 times is irrational. But you should at least be able to talk to people on a computer. You're overcoming your social anxiety RIGHT NOW by arguing with me about social anxiety. I didn't try to bring anyone down with my post, I threw in that MMO's are generally's much more "the more the merrier" based than a shooter that just wants a tight roster of about 4-6 players. Guilds just /shout in areas asking for people to sign up. And even if you DO join you don't have to be one of the super active members, but they're good to have around for quick questions and for help with stuff.

Somebody1702d ago


In contrast there so much online/MMO elements in SP games which is a bad thing in my eyes. I want to play sp games my way, not constrained by the community. They always say we are the Chosen ONE and yet we need the help of 1000 other Chosen ONES to kill that one dragon.

Titan Fall has a story mode alongside its primary online mode. It'll be strange if the story mode tries to tell a sad, epic story about sacrifices and desperation only to have you step into the online component and endlessly respawn over and over again.

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rextraordinaire1702d ago

I like multiplayer games that don't require multiplaying for success. Take Ragnarok Online for example. You could play the whole game alone and even kill some MvPs solo, while still having some challenges too hard for single players.

As long as they don't force you into multiplayer, I believe it's possible to stay alone.

Roccetarius1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )


I'm honestly not sure what Respawn's aim is with Titanfall. The heart of the game is obviously Multiplayer, so focus on that instead of adding a unnecessary element. Use that time to create more maps, mechs, customizations or whatever.

More and more games are crossing over in MP / SP functionality, and i'd hate to see it end up being a clusterF. The Social Generation have had a lot of impact on SP games, such as added co-op modes, FB integration and Twitter etc.

It's a scary future for games.

Saryk1701d ago

I have been playing MMOs since UO. In UO you didn’t need a group, but needed one, meaning safety in numbers from other players. When EQ came out, you needed a group, if you were going to play that game, you best make some friends. From there MMOs got simpler and solo friendly. People got tired of drama or Leroy Jenkins types, waiting for a group, game companies adding to the game (making more cities) that separate players. Now most games that are massively are solo/single player games with the option to group. The only way companies are going to change the way MMOs are played is to make it group only. No company is going to do that since it is a huge risk.

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