Top 5 Most Expensive Games to Produce

Long gone are the days of a AAA title being cheap to make; indeed, some budgets for games dwarf those of blockbuster films. Power Up Gaming presents the Top Five Most Expensive Games Ever Made.

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Tiqila1497d ago

5. Crisis,
4. Gran Turismo 5,
3. Disney Infinity, Tombraider, Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4
2. Star Wars The old republic
1. GTA 5

Stuart57561497d ago

'Top 5 Most Expensive Games to Produce'

Shouldn't it be:

'The top 5 most expensive games produced'

The title suggests I'm going to have a bash at making GTA5 myself, but then it warns me how expensive it'll be to do so! Or am I just reading it wrong or between the lines perhaps.

FamilyGuy1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Shouldn't destiny be on the list?
I heard FF14 was pretty expensive too

Rzep1497d ago

Nothing to be proud of.

Roccetarius1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Seen as a common consumer, i think it's due to less than effective management. Some companies have hundreds of devs working on games, just to push the game out faster. Then there's things like massive marketing campaigns.

We all know Star Wars: The Old Republic's budget was spent on voice overs.

raresteak1497d ago

I'd like to see how they're distributed into production and marketing.

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