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Submitted by Abriael 786d ago | news

Amazon Ranks The Last of Us "Best Game of 2013," Ni No Kuni Closes Top 10

Amazon just published the ranking of its "Best of 2013" for games, and The Last of Us received the top honors, ranking first, followed by Rogue Legacy and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. (3DS, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Rogue Legacy, The Last Of Us, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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iamnsuperman  +   786d ago
So far the last of us is mine. It is nice to see Tearaway get some love because I hear it is very good but it hasn't sold well. My copy is hopefully arriving on Christmas Eve (if Amazon gets its finger out of its arse and sends me the game)
TomShoe  +   786d ago
So excited to get this game on Christmas.

I'm gonna be like :DDDDDDDD

Then start the game and be like D: Holy crap this game is hard
UltimateMaster  +   786d ago
1-The Last of Us
2-Rogue Legacy
3-The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
5-Grand Theft Auto V
6-Bioshock Infinite
7-Rayman Legends
9-Super Mario 3D World
10-Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
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UltimateMaster  +   786d ago
I would disagree with that list except for The Last of Us since Tomb Raider isn't in that list.
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ikkokucrisis  +   786d ago
Divekick?! Lol!
FamilyGuy  +   786d ago
Wow, wasn't expecting Teraway at #4 and above GTA5, Bioshock and Super Mario 3D World.

DiveKick is completely out the blue
SilentNegotiator  +   786d ago
I've got bad news for ya; I'm an elf and Santa is bringing you coal. I saw you on the naughty list.
abzdine  +   785d ago
very good list!!!
glad no FIFA BF or COD are in there..
i'll add Puppeteer and Killzone: Mercenary in there as well.
thanks 4 the share!
scott182  +   785d ago
I loved TLoU, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

I loved the scavenging aspect of the game in single and multiplayer, It adds a fun dynamic to the game and it has an intensity that other games don't. My no.1 favorite game on the ps3, it's so great.
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ABizzel1  +   786d ago
Don't completely agree with the list or the ranking, but it's nice to see Amazon knows good games when they....sell them.
playstation #1

How does Naughty Dog win studio of the year but gta gets goty? VGX is dumb.
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Live_4_Gaming  +   785d ago
They couldn't give GOTY to a IP only made for one console, even though The Last Of Us is hands down the best game of the year. Plus that show has always seemed more partial to Xbox in my opinion, so they couldn't give a
Playstation exclusive best game.
Nail13  +   785d ago
VGX felt very north american to me... Everyone won something so they might show up again next year with announcements. Attendance Achievement!

Anyone thats played "The Last of Us" knows it's the true Best Game of 2013. But it only came out for PS3 (It's a exclusive).. So I kind of see it as a vaccine that only worked on 1/3 the population (PS3 users), leaving the Xbox and PC gamers as mindless infected.

er errr GTA!? err BioShock?! err Brain?!
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Irishguy95  +   785d ago
Studio of the year is really VGX way of saying

"Our show is shit anyway why are you watching it?"
x5exotic  +   785d ago
I'm on the fence about getting the game, ND's last trilogy is possibly the most mediocre work I've played this gen, seems like all the praise was just because of putting you in a nice looking set, gameplay was abysmal, shooting or pressing x (aka platforming), and the story was as generic as they come.

So any praise that comes to ND now fails to hype me up for next projects, including their latest.

For me, it was TR.

Most disappointing: GTA V.
RIP_Weazel  +   785d ago
..well then. Good for you.
spectyre  +   785d ago
Wait... Let me get this straight. You think the Uncharted trilogy is overated and mediocre but then you say Tomb Raider is your GOTY? I liked Tomb Raider but it was a blatant copy of Uncharted.
Irishguy95  +   785d ago
Hmm, it reminds me of Bioshock infinite. Despite all it's flaws gameplay wise...still loved it.

TR was great gameplay wise though I agree. Far beyond what most if not all the other devs achieved this year.
x5exotic  +   785d ago
@spectyre bold statement given the fact that uncharted is a rip off o TR.
The new TR, like uc, is action oriented and not about exploration (anymore)

The difference is the story was decent, the gameplay was actually engaging; platforming wasn't as bland and you could actually exolore your way. Shooting mechanics aren't jacked up, 3 games and they still did not fix it. The pacing and the immersion was far greater, it had better atmosphere, the island itself felt like an entity of its own. Reminiscent of LOST. They don't just throw places (which arent even that good looking original, or creative) around.

Even graphically it never gave a "wow just like real lfe" or even a "wow just like CGI"

It basically looked like some mid-2000 animated movie which isn't as brilliant as people make it out to be.

@weazel thanks man
FunkMacNasty  +   785d ago
A great list, for sure... But I have to wonder how Metro: Last Light didnt make the list
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Blastoise  +   786d ago
That's because The Last Of Us is awesome.

It's a crime that GTA V beat The Last of us to "Best soundtrack" at the VGA's this year.
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-Foxtrot  +   786d ago
It only got Best Soundtrack because they were doing a live performance gig for GTAV for the VGX

I mean collecting songs from real artists and putting them together doesn't make a video game soundtrack in my opinion, it should go to official, original scores made just for that video game. Hell to be honest the soundtrack to GTAV sucked compared to Vice City and San Andreas, better then GTAIV though....way too many dance, hiphop, rap music was in GTAV. No oldie station aswell...

Hell I'm pretty sure it's part of the reason why it got GOTY...because someone from Rockstar were their to collect it.
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ape007  +   786d ago
have u even played GTA IV??? it has waaaay better music than GTA V, the beat 102.7, the journey(pure awesomeness), LC rock radio, the vibe, radio broker, the Classic, vladivostoik fm

gta iv radio stations are head and shoulders above gta v
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-Foxtrot  +   786d ago
Your joking right...GTAIV's music is boring and there's hardly any good tracks in there. Most of them are ones people aren't fond of or unknown ones nobody cares about.

Would it of killed them to add some more up beat ones, the game was depressing enough.

"gta iv radio stations are head and shoulders above gta v"

More like knees and toes below GTAV mate
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Why o why  +   786d ago
I'm with ape.....there's a lot of music spanning more genres in gta. Tlou was great but I'm not sure everybody has heard every track off every station on gta where as you've heard all of the tracks on tlou if you've clocked it. Tlou gets my goty.. A keeper and gen defining game.

I fully agree witn digitalraptor....soundtrack and score. Tlou's score fitted the mood and eerieness of the game perfectly.
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Majin-vegeta  +   786d ago
Only song i liked from GTA V when i played it was this xD.

OT:I'm surprised Camp on Duty isn't on there nor BF4 O_O
iMaim  +   786d ago
The original music was pretty damn good too imo.
Here's my favourite of the bunch.
FunkMacNasty  +   785d ago
Its all your opinion Foxtrot. I think that GTA IV had a better soundtrack than V and I think both games have better soundtracks than TLoU.. But then again, I don't really dig atmospheric score music. I like songs.

"GTAIV's music is boring and there's hardly any good tracks in there. Most of them are ones people aren't fond of or unknown ones nobody cares about."

What's wrong with music nobody's heard of?? That statement right there is the essence of someone who lives and dies by the status quo of pop culture. If you're a real music fan, you'll find that most of the BEST music out there is stuff from unsigned or independently managed artists.

Again, You will probably disagree because we have different tastes in music than I, but that should prove that t's all subjective opinion.

Me? I'd rather cruise around in my car or clean my house to any thing off of a GTA soundtrack rather than "Ellie fights a clicker" and other dramatic scores from TloU
FunkMacNasty  +   785d ago
Its all your opinion Foxtrot. I think that GTA IV had a better soundtrack than V and I think both games have better soundtracks than TLoU.. But then again, I don't really dig atmospheric score music. I like songs.

"GTAIV's music is boring and there's hardly any good tracks in there. Most of them are ones people aren't fond of or unknown ones nobody cares about."

What's wrong with music nobody's heard of?? That statement right there is the essence of someone who lives and dies by the status quo of pop culture. If you're a real music fan, you'll find that most of the BEST music out there is stuff from unsigned or independently managed artists.

Again, You will probably disagree because we have different tastes in music than I, but that should prove that t's all subjective opinion.
FunkMacNasty  +   785d ago
sorry - double post
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FunkMacNasty  +   785d ago
Sorry - triple post... apparently
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DigitalRaptor  +   786d ago
There should've been two categories for that.

"Best original score" and "Best soundtrack".

Gustavo Santaolalla's score is Academy Award-worthy, just like some of his previous material. Beautiful, poignant and inspiring:
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lonelyplayer  +   786d ago
VGA sucked this year.
_QQ_  +   786d ago
no DOTA2? i guess it makes sense to not have a game they don't sell.
Unreal01  +   786d ago
The Last of Us is a masterpiece.
redknight80  +   786d ago
I am so happy that Ni No Kuni made the list, that game totally deserves the praise! Despite the required grinding in the game, Ni No Kuni was one of those games that I hated to reach the end because I loved being in the world that the developers created. Can't wait for the PS4 sequel to release! And Divekick truly that much fun to play?? That was the biggest surprise in the list for me.
ltachiUchiha  +   786d ago
Ni No Kuni really caught me offguard. Really underrated jrpg. I loved it & loved doing all the side missions to unlock cool abilities. I hope there is a sequel. Great game by Level 5.
herbs  +   786d ago
I know it will never happen but I would love to see Ni No Kuni on the Wii U. This game would definitely benefit from Gamepad support or even wiimotes for that matter...
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redknight80  +   786d ago
I am not even a huge fan of jrpgs but I gave Ni No Kuni a go because of the Studio Ghibli involvement and I am so happy I did because it also caught me off guard. One of the few games that I ever completed all the missions and side missions on. I would say Ni No Kuni is my second favorite game of the year after The Last of Us. Only beating out GTA V for me because of the incredible charm of the game and my admiration for Studio Ghibli.
Wintersun616  +   785d ago
I just bought Ni No Kuni a couple of days ago. I'm only 8 hours into it and so far I'm loving every minute of it. I really needed something like this after all the action oriented games I've mostly played for a long time.
ltachiUchiha  +   785d ago

I spent a good 100+ hours playing Ni No Kuni with all the side missions & raising your pets, making them stronger. Finding new & stronger pets will keep u busy & also helping ppl out aswell. Amazing & very addicting game & I loved the story aswell. Definitely a must buy game for anyone looking for a good long game.


Do not listen to ATiElite. Hes so full of it. I have played both games & TLOU is a better all around game then Bioshock I & not to mention the online multiplayer for TLOU is awesome & is alot of replay value, cant say the same for Bioshock I since its just a single player game & is alot more repetitive then TLOU. Atleast in TLOU it actually takes planning & stealth to kill enemies unlike Bioshock I where u just run around using your powers & guns which can get repetitive & seeing the same wave of enemies over & over again that all look like the same person just makes it feel not so immersive.
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nategrigs  +   786d ago
Im actually somewhat impressed by this list, I expected them to cater more to the casual.
Abriael  +   786d ago
Same, I loved it. Besides divekick I guess :D

It was a very well thought out list overall.
nategrigs  +   786d ago
I don't think that divekick belongs on the list either, but I haven't played it and hate fighting games.....But I feel thats the point of these "games of the year" lists; to turn people on to games they wouldn't otherwise consider.
Riderz1337  +   786d ago
Deserved. The Last of Us is the best game this year, and possibly the game of the generation (IMO).
ltachiUchiha  +   786d ago
I agree & the only reason GTAV won at VGU is because its a multiplatform game. If TLOU was on other platforms aswell, it would have easily swept GOTY Awards. I guarantee if Naughty Dog made an open world game, I bet they would put GTA to shame. So far every genre they go into, they always set the bar higher. Best devs in the gaming industry right now.
xJumpManx  +   786d ago
Zelda was my favorite game and GTA5 would be next. Last of us was a good game but it did not do anything new and I preferred Tomb Raider similar game type.
Crossbones  +   786d ago
kurochi  +   786d ago
silvacrest  +   786d ago
that's funny, GTA5 and zelda didn't do anything new so why mention that as a point for the last of us?
cell989  +   786d ago
frostypants  +   786d ago
Uh...TLoU's gameplay isn't remotely like Tomb Raider. That's like saying Zelda is just like Mass Effect or somethig.
xJumpManx  +   785d ago
Break the game down to its core frosty. Its a 3rd person action adventure game.
frostypants  +   785d ago
@xJumpManx, so Need for Speed and Forza are pretty much the same thing...after all they are both racing games. And Call of Duty and Arma are pretty much the same thing, because they're both FPS games. I don't think so. No, man. Just no. Fail. You've never even played TLoU...just admit it.
#8.5 (Edited 785d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
xJumpManx  +   785d ago
U are not very bright are you.

PS. Its okay I am sure it is not the first time you have been proven wrong nor the last.
kingdom18  +   786d ago
I love how Ni No Kuni is called a niche game. Its just a classic JRPG. They would sell better if more JRPGs were made.
Abriael  +   786d ago
It's a niche game because, unfortunately, classic JRPGs are niche games nowadays.

I loved it. And I love JRPGs, they're my favorite genre. But that's how it is.
kingdom18  +   786d ago
Granted. But they would sell if more JRPGs were made, then they might not be a niche. Now games that are dating sims, like Record of Agarest War, and other JRPGs with heavy crafting elements like Atelier series have much smaller audiences in general making them even more of niche.
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MONKEYDLUFFY  +   786d ago
Since when do we go to amazon for opinions?
silvacrest  +   786d ago
everyone is allowed an opinion, take it how ever you like
MONKEYDLUFFY  +   785d ago
Well yah it's just kinda odd tho. It's like asking walmart for game reviews.
Ducky  +   786d ago
We'll go to anyone for their opinions as long as they agree with our own.
_QQ_  +   786d ago
Not a bad list though, I'm not surprised that Nintendo inhouse dominates the list. just wish DOTA 2 was there,but hey amazon won't mention what they don't sell.
#10.3 (Edited 786d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Relientk77  +   786d ago
Ni no Kuni is amazing
leahcim  +   785d ago
of course TLoUs!

I think Soul Sacrifice could have had a position on that list, it is my personal favorite game of the year (such a masterpiece)
Nail13  +   785d ago
Soul Sacrifice story is awesome.
asmith2306  +   785d ago
Damn straight! Haven't played a campaign like that in a long, long time. Played it straight through three times in a row. My girlfriend said I was obsessed. I was.
SabreMan  +   785d ago
As far as lists go they are all subjective, however I don't think anybody can argue with TLOU being at the top.
Certainly the best game of 2013 so far, I would only rate one game higher for the entire generation that being Dark Souls.
Neo Amon  +   785d ago
not a single 360 exclusive on the list soon the xbone will follow
BRAD-RIDGE  +   785d ago
i have to re-post this because i need an answer.

Have you played infinite? because a lot of the press outlets rate it just as high as the last of us. My question is should i get it because i wasn't quite blown away by the other two bioshocks'.
ATiElite  +   785d ago
Bioshock Infinite IMO is better than TLOU!

TLOU is just a darn good story but not really variable gameplay. kill 3 guys move forward kill 3 guys rinse repeat.

BI you are all over the place doing all kinds of stuff!
CocoWolfie  +   785d ago
really good list <3 agree with what theyre got, and yeah its nice to see tearaway up there
ATiElite  +   785d ago
PC side:

Arma III
Company of Heroes 2
Total War Rome 2
Payday 2
Path of Exile

sure I missed a bunch of excellent PC titles

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