Eastern Europeans Can't Buy An Xbox Live Gold Subscription, Frustrations Taken To Reddit

Nothing is worse than having an Xbox gaming console and not being able to use Xbox Live. You become restricted in so many ways. You feel incomplete. Well, one gamer from Slovenia has taken it to Reddit to vent about not being able to purchase an Xbox Live subscription. In fact, several Eastern European countries can't even purchase the Xbox or Xbox Live.

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What? You purchase one "unofficially" then complain the company doesn't support your product? That's like complaining that the JDM Honda you imported won't pass emissions here in the States.
If you purchased the 360 or 1 at a legit source, then I feel for you.

OrangePowerz1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

It's not new that people import consoles, I imported a PSP when it was released in Japan because the EU release date was a lot later. Some people might not want to wait until Q3 next year or even later to play the games.

With most features of the X1 locked away behind gold it can be very frustrating for someone who imported the console to find out that he can't use most features because he can't get XBL gold. Those are people who are willing to give MS their money.

JessiePinkmanYo1702d ago

Orange-Sure, I understand that, but just because you import something doesn't mean the manufacturer has to support it, especially setting up an infrastructure that cost money to a region with only users who imported.
Now, if Microsoft actually sells consoles through retailers and vendors in Eastern Europe, THATS a different story. They need to deliver on a product as advertised.

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Im losing faith in human reasoning...
Seriously ppl are defying all logic just for a chance to complain these days

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wasn't this the same last gen? what they need to do is set up a profile with a locale in say the UK or whatever and then buy the XBL sub on some website that sends codes rather than physical cards

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