Can Google Glass change gaming?

Can Google glass really change the face of gaming? We look at a few possibilities and tell you what Google Glass is all about.

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PeaSFor1432d ago

no but it can go die in a ditch for all i care.

ThichQuangDuck1431d ago

Do you like any form of privacy ? Yes then I agree it can go die in a ditch. Why are we trying this hard to turn into robots. We need a technology free day to actually talk to each other and experience reality rather than augment it

FriedGoat1431d ago

Google are one of the most untrustworthy companies around these days, they've got too big. Last thing I would like is people walking around with recording devices on their faces 24/7 when it's pretty obvious google are handing out everyones info to the NSA already.

"don't be evil" yeah sure, is that why you plastered ads all over youtube, force G+ and generally make the internet harder to tolerate? All praise duckduckgo!

cesuf1429d ago

"We need a technology free day to actually talk to each other and experience reality rather than augment it"

Does this technology involve communicating via pc on a forum? Ah the irony of it all.

ThichQuangDuck1428d ago


Check what irony is. I am talking on the internet but do I have days when I don't yes. I more meant in public I am not walking around on my laptop avoiding talking to real humans. Good try though

trickman8881431d ago

maybe, but i'll be damned if i let it.

Agent_hitman1431d ago

It could change the way we watch porn.. sarcasm

Chrono1431d ago

It can change Angry Birds.

CanadianTurtle1431d ago

Yeah, I'll stick to my HDTV and not kill my eyes with some "smartglass"

cesuf1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Not sure how exactly your eyes would get killed from this, but maybe your one of those who still believe in that old wives tale if you sit too close to a tv you'll go blind.

Meanwhile, secretaries and office workers doing 20-30year careers (40 hour work weeks) are yet to go blind. Old wives tales and the ignorance behind them die hard I guess. There's some hope in another wives tale for you: Go eat some carrots and it will grant you 20/20 vision.

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