Nice platform, shame about the marketplace: A PlayStation Mobile developer reveals all

Pocket Gamer's Matt Suckley writes: 'Whatever your view on PlayStation Mobile – and, such have been the fortunes of the platform to date that, chances are, many of you simply won't have one – you can't knock it for a lack of variety.

Alongside a host of acclaimed titles that have also made their mark on smartphones (Rymdkapsel and Nostatic Software's Quiet, Please! both of note) sit a series of pet projects – half finished hobby efforts utilising Sony's marketplace as something of a playground.

However, there's also a third kind of game that, though far rarer, warrants just as much attention, if not more: quality PlayStation Mobile exclusives.

They're so rare, in fact, that we can only think of one developer betting the farm on such a strategy. For all but one release, PlayStation Mobile is the only place you can play games by Thomas Hopper – 11 games in all now sat on the store including his latest release, Super Tank Poker.'

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Mikey322301558d ago

For as big a company Sony is, i dont think their gaming division is as giant as what most people think... that or they are just lazy/stupid.

Sony always has great potential, i think thats why they have so many fans. However, a lot of times they bite off more than they can chew, and put out products/ platforms that they can fully support/ or support extremely slowly.

Sony's gaming division is not as unified with the rest of the company as Microsoft. Microsoft has some mighty deep pockets and their gaming division sees hefty amounts of money to support all their projects, and get things done.

Sony's gaming division i think is more on its own, is smaller and doesnt have near the depth as Microsoft when it comes to handling everything OTHER THAN Pure Software games and Pure hardware.

Its sad to see that PSMobile is a casualty of this..

iamnsuperman1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

"Sony's gaming division is not as unified with the rest of the company as Microsoft."

This is completely wrong. Microsoft is notirious for in fighting between divisions. To the point where Ballmer (fairly recently) had to do a major reshuffle because the in fighting got so bad (the different divisions seemed to be working against one and other and not with each other). Now Sony used to be as bad. But when the promoted Kaz things changed (which has been reflected in their products and how the playstation brand is slowly taking over Sony). They changed and they are still going through the changing process

PS mobile is the casualty of its own creation. Problem is very few devices are (or want to be) playstation certified so not many developers got on bored (because it just isn't as profitable as the Android market place) . Sony would never be that stupid to make a device that only has this market place (it just wouldn't sell the product. Microsoft is having its own issue with the windows app store but it also has the OS to sell systems which Sony does not). I see the PSM as a trial/stop gap thing before they decided to go with Gaikai. I anticipate Gaikai to be on all Sony tablets/phones (which would be a huge sell for those systems) and also do a similar function that PSM does.

Eonjay1558d ago

I think PSM as a platform is great. I am actually programming an old school RPG using their tools in my spare time. Don't forget that every Vita is a dev kit.

sinncross1558d ago

I think Sony needs to take the step to roll out the service to every PSN territory asap. Recently they stated adding more countries so hopefully it continues.

I hope for the best of teh service and any developer attached.

ThatOneGuyThere1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

also, the ps certified games arent any better than non ps certified. thus, dont deserve a purchase to begin with.

Disclaimer: I have a PS certified phone and love it. Just not so much the sony mobile gaming thing.

sprinterboy1558d ago

Yeah it Def could be better only like the all star's game

sypher1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

They probably don't have the manpower to test and certify all the mobile games in all the different regions they need to be in.

They could probably use the help of the PlayStation community on that front. To make more stringent guidelines and improve the quality of what is allowed on the Store.

Also being allowed to use trophies on mobile games would help immensely. And bring owners of PS Mobile certified owners into the 'trophy fold' would increase the likelihood of them buying future PlayStation devices and/or software. Even if you cap the trophies allowed for a single mobile title (1 silver/gold for completion, 3 bronze for various other tasks)

And a much better interface/search tools. And then finally approaching more gaming sites to pickup and review those top PS Mobile games to create the cycle of new content and/or owners.

Because I'll be honest, there are quite a few gems on the store. Well worth the few quid asking price.

There is also no reason I can think of that the PS4 shouldn't be PSM compatible? It has a touch interface after all.

beakeroo11558d ago

I buy and play a lot of digital content from the PS store but I can honestly say I don't bother even checking the mobile stuff. I dislike the mobile/mini gaming scene immensely and don't even claim or look at the free stuff.