PS4 Most Searched Tech Gadget on Google in the US, Third Globally, GTA5 First for Games

Google just released the rankings of the most searched keywords for many different categories, and the PS4 ended up ranking first for tech gadgets in the United States, while it ranked third in the consumer electronics globally. The Xbox One did not rank in the United states, but followed the PS4 in 4th place on the global ranking.

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cesuf1401d ago

GTA5 is a game for domestic terrorists. It's why NSA watches you play it on Kinect to avoid another mass shooting.

Sheikh Yerbouti1401d ago

Did Snowden tell you that? Tell him he has a nice cell next to Mike, Trevor and Franklin waiting for him in Leavenworth.

KonsoruMasuta1401d ago

I'm surprised Atari Breakout is the 3rd most searched video game. It was released in 1976.

T-Dawg61401d ago Show
Agent_hitman1401d ago

Hell yeah Atari is immortal #3. I wonder are they up to these days

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