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Four Mobile Games That Got the Free-to-Play Model Right in 2013

Four mobile games from four different developers were released in 2013 that nailed the free-to-play model. Some are better than others, but each still manage to remain enjoyable and completely playable without ever having to pay for a single in-game item. If you’ve been searching for a free-to-play game that is actually worth investing your time in, then you will surely find the answer to your quest down below. (Football Heroes, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Mobile, Plants Vs Zombies 2, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star)

Visiblemarc  +   244d ago
Plants vs Zombies' f2p model, in my opinion, ruined what could have been a great sequel to one of the all time best portable games.

F2p, in all forms, presumes you either want to play one game non-stop for 3 months, or that you don't mind paying cash to cut it to a reasonable length, essentially paying to win.

Here's how to do f2p: make a crap version for people who have no standards and offer it as f2p and then charge me $10 for the real version. I would have paid it in a second. Please no one tell me I can accomplish this by paying for iap's because that's the point, I can't. The second I feel like I'm, arguably, paying to win my fun factor drops to zero.

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