The Division:Environmental Elements with Water and Food being Vital for Trading

Axel Rydby and Mathias Karlson talk about The Division with Environmental factors effecting player's along with water and food being vital commodities for trading.

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BobBelcher1822d ago

I am absolutely excited for this game.

MWong1822d ago

Agreed, this is on my list of MUST OWN GAMES for 2014. I hope we get to see some new gameplay footage soon.

KAEM71822d ago

I am trying to hold back my excitement for this game a bit. I seriously doubt a 2014 release... I don't wanna get my hopes up

Zichu1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

No, I'm more excited than you!

Why am I trying to start something here...

Never mind, I agree with you.

GarrusVakarian1822d ago

Me too.

"Environmental Elements with Water and Food being Vital for Trading"

I'll trade you this bottle of water and a twinkie for that pistol ;)

camel_toad1822d ago

A twinkle alone is worth a grenade launcher.

chrissx1822d ago

Game looks excellent from all I've seen this is a must have

--bienio--1822d ago

This one and witcher 3 cant wait😃

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