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Rockstar Starts Mass-Banning Recipients of "Illegitimate" $GTA

Rockstar has start mass-banning players of GTA Online who received large amounts of gifted money or huge bounties, even if they didn't request the money or indulge in any glitching/exploits themselves.

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Community1673d ago
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ArchRider1673d ago

Seems pretty unfair if you were just given millions of $GTA out of the blue!

xHeavYx1673d ago

I'm pretty sure I saw either an article or a tweet bt R* stating that, if someone got money but didn't do the glitch, they would be fine.
It sucks for people who were given the money. There should be a way to remove the money without having to ban the person

TheBurger291673d ago

glad im selling this shit game

MegaRay1673d ago

Lol. Where were all the hype gone? Glad I didnt bought it in the first place

TheBurger291672d ago

its with the micro transactions, stupid bad sport system, and retarded ban sprees

Audiggity1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

All the hype? Yeah, everyone is too busy playing GTA:O...

Wuket1672d ago

This would suck majorly for people who not only had money given to them out of the blue, but had also bought some $GTA using real money!

Audiggity1672d ago

I saw this happen last night. These people set $1,000,987 bounties on each other (something like that, it was absurd amounts of money)...

And to make matters worse, when you hunt them down (which we ALL did), they are practically invincible... at one point I saw 5 or 6 people opening fire and lobbing grenades as the million dollar bounty just stood there.

Eventually the glitch apparently fails and they can die. That person who has the final blow, become a millionaire. It may have even been tens or hundreds of millions.

Despite the implications and general suckiness of the existence of glitching, this did make me realize something:

GTA V needs random events, with very heavily armored enemies, in free-mode. It was a blast teaming up with random players to take down the cheaters. I'm just thinking of a NPC with tank, and full body armor, with a $10,000+ cash bonus for the people/person who takes them out.

Random, but, it would be fun.

dcj05241672d ago

EXACTLY. Random drive bys and mugings too.

Audiggity1672d ago

See man? I'm laying down these ideas... totally within the confines of the existing game... and Rockstar still hasn't hired me as their lead concept developer... WTF?!

We all know they read the comments on N4G religiously.


Seriously. Random events/attacks/NPC races could really spice up GTA:O. Rockstar needs to look at it as slot machine... they don't want everyone to make $50,000 an hour. Clearly. They've patched the game 7 times to refine this with a formula in mind. But* if there's a 1 in 10 chance that an NPC corrupt lawyer is running from the cops with a $50,000 briefcase - and we can steal it? You'd have a lot more people playing, and paying for upgrades needed to catch those damn dirty lawyers.

Just sayin'