Review: The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 1 - Fight the Dead, Fear The Living I DualShockers

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead returns in the debut of Season 2, and DualShockers reviews the beginning of Clementine's journey in Episode 1: All That Remains.

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LeonhartX1825d ago

Fantastic can't wait!!!

not sure which version i should get though


tough choice....

FlameHawk1825d ago

I wouldn't choose Vita, I have the first season on Vita that came with the bundle. My god, such a bad port, so much frame rate issues.

DragonPs41825d ago

That is almost exactly what Gregg Miller said on podcast beyond.

Clover9041825d ago

Think I'd rather playa game like this on the Vita. The first game did have its framerate issues, but that was because of Telltale's first Vita attempt. Hopefully they've learned a thing or two developing on the Vita.

sdozzo1825d ago

Tough call. I played on ps3 and it had issues.

ginsunuva1825d ago

The only version of season 1 without issues (even though it still had some control and slight framerate issues) was PC

rmeitz11825d ago

I played all of Season One on 360 and had little to no issues with it, other than a crash during one of the episodes.

Otherwise though I played all of the episodes either on/close to launch and didn't have really any issues with them