Tekken Producer on Breast Inflating Character Eliza: She had Many Votes, Wants to See How She does

The introduction of the vampire character Eliza in Tekken Revolution has caused quite a stir between the franchise’s fanbase, especially due to the fact that her relatively small breasts suddenly inflate when she drinks an opponent’s blood.

Legendary franchise producer Katsuhiro Harada already responded quite vehemently to the critics, but he had more to say about the issue and the character.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1799d ago

I am more worried about the balance, she looks like a juggler's wet dream. I hope the moveset for her is fairly difficult....

FarEastOrient1799d ago

Of course she had a great deal of votes, they wanted to see if Tekken had the baa..reast to do it.

Agent_hitman1799d ago

In gaming industry more and more sluts had been created in videogames as a main character... That could be the reason why other people say that "Sex sells" in games as well.

tarbis1799d ago

Really? Then Leisure Suit Larry should've sold more than any FF games.

WeedyOne1799d ago

I think its kind of a cool idea for a vampire chick. When she is low on blood she becomes flat and ill looking but after drinking blood her true figure immerges! (.)(.)

EvilFluff911799d ago

As a gamer who has been playing Tekken for nearly 20 years I was really surprised that the community voted for the vampire Eliza, I thought the female Tekken Force character was a guaranteed winner.

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