Sales of PS4/Xbox One: Good Start in France

Gamerkult: "The good news continues to fall for Sony. After ascending the Xbox One United States, the United Kingdom or Spain, the PlayStation 4 continues its strong sales momentum in France, where she made a start well above the Wii U and Xbox One. If Nintendo made a meager advance, instead of # 1 of the new generation of consoles already seems to rifle scope for Sony."

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BALLBAGS1584d ago

sales sales sales... I'd rather actual game news

malokevi1584d ago

lol. four people disagreed with you, while zero agreed. Four people who value popularity over quality. I imagine more are on the way. I guess when a certain console has relatively little in the way of games, it's raving fanbase will cling to pointless numbers.

They should all go play COD. That pretty much sums up their options, anyway.

... =)

I couldn't give a turd sandwich about sales. I have no stake in it. Millions of consoles are moving, now show me the games! Leave numbers to the stockholders and business types.

mikeslemonade1584d ago

It's conclusive that there's a strong correlation between the more sales there are, the more games that will come out for the system.

malokevi1584d ago

Yeah, that's always how people justify their obsession with sales... would love to see a source verifying this supposed "conclusivity".

Yeah, I invented that word.

A "strong correlation"? lol. Ripped straight from the scientific theory. Bravo! Though, correlation =/= causation. There are other factors, like the seemingly unending coffers of corporate enterprise.

Like I said, millions of consoles are moving... on both sides. The difference of a few millions units will hardly have any noticeable impact on the number of games on either console. The logic is... nonexistent. What you're making is an excuse.

You are free to care about meaningless numbers all you want. Personally, I have never been concerned about sales... not before launch, not after, not for other products, not for nuthn. Games are what's important to me, and right now, I see a huge list of incredible games coming down the pipes for both consoles.

But I digress...

yayyy goo PS4 in France!! woot woot.

DonMingos1583d ago

" Personally, I have never been concerned about sales... not before launch, not after, not for other products, not for nuthn. "

@Malokevi, and here you are commenting on this news...

ZeroX98761583d ago


bad sales can be the death of a studio or even worse, your own franchise being transferred to another studio.

Sales figures are being watched closely by microsoft since a new CEO is coming soon and Sony needed this momentum for their shareholders too.

Evilsnuggle1583d ago

Im surprised you're using the word "quality" while talking about Xboned. XBoned is inferior to The PS4 in everyWay. ps4 is more powerful has high resolution better frame rate better lighting in every multi-platform game so far. and its cheaper I don't know what you Base "quality" on

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NatureOfLogic1584d ago

Xbox One is having a very hard time keeping up with PS4 outside of US.

timlot1584d ago

The world doesn't exist outside the U.S. Go, ahead disagree the truth.

DonMingos1583d ago


Not sure if serious...


khyu77771583d ago

i expected bigger gap in france

wooferine1583d ago

The Google translation of this article was pretty rough. But it sounds like the PS4 is doing well in that country known for its culinary taste. I guess the PS4 is the soufflé of next gen consoles.