Sony PS4 Performs Worse Than PS3 As A Blu-ray & DVD Player - HDTVTEST

The PS4′s lack of deinterlacing prowess is a much bigger problem in the standard definition realm, where there’s much more interlaced content, and where every last drop of available resolution is precious.

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BALLBAGS1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

what a sensationalist headline..

the article praises the ps4 in its playback and recordable bluray playback, and it's playback at 1080p, praised it over the Xbox ones bluray playback and praised the look and construction of the ps4 itself

the only problem is its 1080i playback, and this is all the submitter focused on for the headline?

edit: I am disappointed in the pal dvd playback though wonder if it's a software or hardware related problem?

MidnytRain1819d ago

I don't know if we're looking at the same thing, but that's the title of the article at the website.

mikeslemonade1819d ago

It's about some 1080i thing. Well it doesn't matter because it's a video game system first and games are not 1080i native. And also the system $399.99. Pretty sure the system wouldn't have been a success like this if it was $449.99.

ShinMaster1819d ago

It's about interlaced videos.

"If you’re using the device to play 24p movies on Blu-ray (which admittedly will be most people’s usage as far as that format is concerned), it’s all good news."

MazzingerZ1819d ago

PS3 was the BR trojan horse, BR & Dvd player is just another feature on PS4

vigilante_man1819d ago

I 100% agree!

I love the PS4. It is way faster at doing everything and they way it can go instantly back to the previous task is great. It is such a step up in terms of quality and speed. It is also very quiet.

But, but the worst thing is Bluray playback. On the PS3 I just pop in the Bluray movie and away it goes. Some films are full screen and some use a small envelope. But all play natively.

The PS4 seems to not play natively but rather uses software that goes into GUI mode before hand. The playback is awful. It has reduced my screen size on all Blurays I have tried. The ones that played full screen now have an envelope and the ones with an envelope are even smaller now.

It is awful. I still use PS3 for Bluray playback at the moment. I have many games still to play on the PS3 and do not mind using it for Bluray and CDs/mp3s. I just expected the Bluray playback to be as good as PS3 - but it is not!

Still love the PS4 - hope this gets sorted with the next update...

princejb1341818d ago


i don't want to call you a lier or anything but my blu ray playback has been the same as ps3
the only thing i hated was that you need internet for whatever reason the first time
but after that i played ff7 advent children flawlessly with no problems at all

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Godmars2901819d ago

Think the point isn't that it performs better than the XB1, but worse than the PS3 which it really shouldn't.

I mean, Criterion have given their seal of approval on the PS2 and PS3 both. As someone who bought those systems in part because of movie playback, I would hate seeing the PS4 not getting similar.

PudgeySan1819d ago

Why shouldn't it? More development time. Just think.. The PS3 is also better than the One in this area as well and I am assuming it's mostly because of the Cell design. Cell was intended more for mathematical equations and Video which Sony also thought would be good for gaming which later was found out to be difficult. Ken Kutaragi said this along time ago about cell and it's video processing capability's. It's amazing to see the PS3 out perform Next Gen in something - I say.. Good on them :)

Ju1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

The Cell might well be the reason the PS4 is lacking in that respect. Sony's code base is most likely all optimized for the SPUs which are quite amazing in delivering image enhancement through software. And yet this is hard to port to the PS4. The CPU is probably not fast enough for such a task and GPU support (which could do all the filtering) is/was (?) not ready yet. Those algorithms need vector power for which the Jaguars aren't really designed for (or it's not properly SSE optimized yet - SPUs beat it by a mile there). I hope it'll get ported eventually.

Sony released the PS4 as a gaming device first and foremost, I think. Rest might as well show up when there's time.

PudgeySan1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

@ju The PS4 uses OpenBSD which is pretty much unix and is better suited for X86 Archetype and especially AMD architecture. It doesn't support Power Pc and is a rather modified version of OpenBSD with added PlayStation repository. The Cell used FreeBSD which supports Power Pc and x86 but isn't as strong in the x86 field so the choice to switch to another operating system that is geared more towards Amd's processors was a smart move on there part. The PS4 will hit it's stride way faster then the PS3 did. Excited :)

My guess is, It's more so just new code that needs to be optimized. In a year the story will change I am guessing.

Ju1819d ago

PS3 and PS4 run a FreeBSD kernel (different versions) - this has nothing to do with x86 or PPC. What might have to do with is, that the CELL (especially the SPU part) is extremely well suited to do tasks like this: that is real time stream processing. Something which is a little bit of a problem with a low power Jaguar. PS4 could do it, but would probably require GPU supported code to reach the same quality level. But yes, eventually, this will get optimized, I suspect.

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GameSpawn1819d ago

My only disappointment is the lack of a good official remote.

Most of this can be fixed in software updates and Sony did say they were focused on games first and everything else would follow. For the most part this was kind of the same case with the PS3, although with more emphasis on BluRay playback as the system was the BluRay association's trojan horse into the living room -- the point I'm making is there were a lot of features PS3 owners take for granted that never really existed when it launched -- the same will probably be for the PS4.

Neonridr1819d ago

fortunately for me I have a Sony TV, Sony Home Theatre System and the PS4. So my remote for my TV can control the menus for the PS4. I can also control video content as well, which is great too.

GameSpawn1819d ago

I can do something similar with my Samsung TV and receiver, but the HDMI CEC control isn't as smooth as the Bluetooth remote I use with my PS3. The added bonus of no need for line of sight is nice too -- I can control my TV & receiver via an iOS app but there is lag because it goes over the wireless network instead of a dedicated connection like the Blueooth PS3 remote.

rainslacker1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

If you happen to have an HDMI-CEC supported TV or receiver you could set them up to control the PS3 media/UI features. It works pretty well for me. I was using the harmony remote from logitec, but just got a new receiver and haven't set it up. The receiver remote and TV remote control the app fine though.

Has anyone tried to use the PS3 blu-ray remote on the PS4 yet? I have one, but haven't needed it in a while for above stated reasons.

Edit: Gotta learn to refresh the comments before responding. Saw you already addressed all that.:)

GameSpawn1819d ago


Yeah. HDMI CEC works on both, but it seems to have a little lag to it which is why I don't use it beyond turning on all devices at once.

I have successfully synced the PS3 Blueooth remote with my PS4, but none of the input works. Sony doesn't have the PS4 setup to recognize the PS3 Bluetooth remote fully (like an absence of drivers).

BaconBits1819d ago

I just use my Galaxy S4 as a remote. I know there is a android app and probably an ios one too.

Nalaboy1819d ago

The headline is " This is for the players " and i bought the 'player pack' so emphasis is obviously on gaming . I have faith that the Ps4 will overcome playback issues, you just have to as said above checkout all the patch notes for the PS3 to see whats added when. There has already been two system updates so it's been supported.

rainslacker1819d ago

It's good to know that it could be synced. The PS3 Blu-Ray remote was actually quite good, and while I don't use it anymore it'd be nice to have it available. I've been using my TV remote, which then passes the signal along through my receiver, and it seems to be ok. I'll set up my harmony remote for the new receiver, as well as the receiver itself to handle all that stuff when I have the time.

Otherwise, I'm sure some official remote will become available eventually. Sony would certainly want the money from the peripheral sale.

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LKHGFDSA1819d ago

Why would anyone use 1080i over HDMI? They'd have to have a fairly old obscure TV.

Ju1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Read the article. It's basically the lack of 1080i support. The PS4 always converts 1080i to p - no matter what output format. And doesn't do a too great job at it. It's about content on disk which is "i" (interlaced) not your TV resolution. It's not really a big problem, as mentioned in the article. Most content isn't 1080i anyhow.

wsoutlaw871819d ago

ya it has to do the the content not the tv but youre going to have a hard time finding a bluray disc that is native 1080i so it really isnt a big deal.

Prime1571819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

This was where I became confused as I thought hdmi was a progressive scan vs interlaced (1080p vs 1080I).

That being said in addition to the hdmi-only console... it really just confuses me.. don't get me wrong, certain media will only be displayed interlaced, but will we notice the difference of this 1080I vs a different 1080I? Or, more specifically, 1080p vs 1080I?

H0TSHELLZ1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I got one in 2005 during the big HD push in tv's and didnt know (1080i vs 1080p) any better till i got my LCD Samsung.

It's also a Big and Heavy box

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Rockstar1819d ago

I find the lack of 3d blu-ray playback on PS4 disturbing. I hope it gets added soon otherwise I may have to put my PS3 back where it was.

hellvaguy1819d ago

Agreed sad face for ps4 and x1 not supporting 3d.

wsoutlaw871819d ago

ya i agree but im sure it will be added

SnakeCQC1819d ago

It probably can be easily added with fw but nobody likes 3d it sucks

Tapewurm1819d ago

I loved playing Gran Turismo, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Shadow of the Colossus, Socom 4, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, The Fight Lights Out, and so many other titles in 3D... I wish Sony would push this feature with the PS4.....they already have the install numbers.....that coupled with the fact that 3D TVs are a lot cheaper now could give a huge push to the medium.... ahhh Motorstorm Apocalypse in 3D...drool..... it is still amazing looking with the morphing tracks.

boing11819d ago

I really hope they're planning media centric update somewhere down the line. At least to a level of PS3's media support. At least.

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JodyCones1819d ago

They actually commented on Sony's PS4 blu ray saying it has an edge in picture over the xbox one's blu ray. But I don't mean this in a rude way at all- the article says PS4's blue ray DOES display 1080p, just that if you were playing 1080i content there was a small flickering problem that was practically unoticable. All blu rays I know are in 1080p, and I bet this could even be fixed in a patch.

ELpork1819d ago

How long have you been on this site? Everything is a sensationalist headline.

feedurhabit1819d ago

Give it time. The PS3 probably performs better because it has years worth of firmware updates behind it

Cha0tik1819d ago

It's made for games. They didn't focus on making anything else of the quality as the gaming aspect.

TAURUS-5551819d ago

couldnt agree more. the PS4 is focused on games.

if ppl want childish things like kinect then they should move on to the xbone.

the PS4 is for hardcore gamers.

TAURUS-5551819d ago

we bought the PS4 to play PS4 this isnt an issue at all

boing11819d ago

It is an issue. You would expect to have at least the same level of features in the next product from the same line. Imagine Apple to start downgrading the iPhone with each iteration.

frostypants1819d ago

@boing1, Apple did do that. It's called the iPhone 5C.

boing11819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

C'mon dude, 5c is a new line of cheaper iPhones. Different thing. There is no PS4c. Besides, what features they've removed from 5C? They just downgraded the hardware.

frostypants1819d ago

Who the f*ck watches stuff in 1080i? What a stupid headline.

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Mikey322301820d ago

Well in general the PS4 has less features than the PS3.

If sony would of kept all the PS3 features and built ontop of it what the PS4 has today

I would be a 100% Satisfied customer

Mikey322301820d ago

@ All the disagrees. sorry, you must rather have a more stripped down console with LESS features for no apparent reason.

You want a plain console that does nothing but play games, that although has well beyond the capacity and potential to have multiple capabilities.

you might be fine with a console that plays only games... but what is wrong with one that does both? You dont have to use anything else? but why are you against it, it doesnt affect you what so ever?

-Foxtrot1819d ago

Ok...list ALL the missing features

Go...if they were actually there you would of stated them straight away in your second comment to back yourself up against the disagrees

Godmars2901819d ago

Would think no MP4 support would be enough. Then there's no media server support or external HDD, which really is only to play MP4, avi and like files.

If Sony had only announced media file support including MKV files, that wold have been a mega-ton win for many.

yezz1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

editttt: Look what's new though.. It's designed to be a gaming console. Media support will probably come after by updates

The Great Melon1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )


MKV Enough said.

I remember back when I was looking for a phone two years ago that I found out that the Galaxy S II actually supported MKVs out of the box. Needless to say, that really struck chord in me. Out of all the missing features MKV support, media server connectivity, and backwards compatibility are my most desired. It frustrates me to no end that most tech equipment outside of pcs are quite stupid despite number of "SMART" stickers on the retail box.

yezz1819d ago


I kind of agree that the console should have all those media features already but then again if you own a ps4 you probably (should)own a modern tv and nowadays they pretty much all support what you're asking for.. So you can do all that stuff without the ps4.

KimoNoir1819d ago

As a pc gamer, if i had to choose between ps4 and xbox, id go simply w the ps4 because resolution makes games look better when increased. Unless youre blind, 1080p cod looks far better than 720p. I certainly enjoy BF4 in 1080p on my pc but unfortunately the ps4 can only do 1600x900 whereas the Xbox can only do 1280x720. Obviously im gonna pick the ps4.

And so i did as a 360 convert.
I have no reason to buy the one except for titanfall...

hulk_bash19871819d ago

But since you are a PC gamer and Titan Fall is coming out on the PC you really have no reason to get a One, technically.

Godmars2901819d ago

As far as know only a few TVs play personal media files and those are both overly large and expensive.

Again, Sony would have scored major points in offering full on media support like they did with the PS3. If fact its become a surprise that the PS4 has less features in that regard.

Neonridr1819d ago

Sony are whores when it comes to supporting MKV file formats. My new Bravia LED TV doesn't support it, the PS4 doesn't support it, but ironically enough my Sony Bluray home theatre system does support MKV files. I use a program called Serviio to act as a DLNA server and I stream movies from my PC to my TV via the home theatre system. MKV files supported.

But the lack of DLNA support, and file format support (MP3, MP4, MKV, etc) kind of sucks considering this device is supposed to be next gen and all. :P

zero_gamer1819d ago

Sony is probably saving on the early development costs and using that money toward games or gaming-related features, as they figure the features can be added later with firmware updates.

PS3 and PSN were peanuts at the earlier years but more features were added throughout the later years like Trophies, PS1 and PS2 classics, dynamic themes, and a whole laundry list of other features I simply can't bother to list.

I remember when everyone trashed the Xbox One for having TV and sports, Sony delivered an all-games console and people still complain. Chances are you already have a few devices laying around in your house that can play consumer multimedia perfectly fine, but if not that's your own problem.

BitbyDeath1819d ago

The PS4 OS was built from the ground up. It wasn't stripped of features as those features had never existed in the first place.

Likely these are missing due to not having enough time.

Time for paperwork/licensing, time for implementing and time for testing.

wsoutlaw871819d ago

why do some people act like the os could just be copied and pasted to the ps4. I dont get people saying they removed features or "stipped down". They had to create a new os which can do so much more in games than the xmb. They will add to it just wait. Look at the ps3 when it lauched, the os couldnt even be used in-game.

yezz1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )


What? Every tv that I see in store has media playback and external hard drive support.. My shitty Philips tv(40inch) is already over 2 years old and it has those. Identical tv now would probably cost something like 499$, 32 inch even less so not that expensive in my opinion..

And even if that hard drive stuff doesn't work I can stream media from my computer to the tv via playstation media server that makes everything playable..

dboyman1819d ago

@Godmars290 @The Great Melon

But there is something your forgetting,MKV is the choice format for Piracy (torrent movies)of movies in Sony's eyes, so you will never see MKV support

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hulk_bash19871819d ago

I'd take Remote Play and unified streaming and sharing capabilities over MP3 and DLNA support any day, because I was never really using them anyways. But I do understand the frustration for people who were. The only thing I really want them to work on is external storage support.

Ju1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Not sure if it really matters. You say "for people who were using those features"...while I think those features should be there eventually, what actually happened to the(ir) PS3s? Did everybody just throw those out? Mine still works, and great, none the less. Nothing wrong with playing BDs there, or whatever other movies. Just switch the channel. PS3 was - and still is great at that. Sure, a bit inconvenient, but, well, not that bad. And for the "people who weren't"...what's there to complain to begin with? Those haven't had that in the first place, no?

hulk_bash19871819d ago

They might have traded in their PS3 to upgrade to a PS4 maybe? I agree with you to an extent but also see the point made from the other side of the argument.

Heisenburger1819d ago

I disagreed because you said "would of" instead of "would HAVE".
Also, I disagree.

badz1491819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I'm not an apologist for the shortcoming of the PS4 but didn't the PS3 started pretty empty handed too as far as media support was concerned? Updates upon updates later, then the PS3 was able to be where it's at now.

The console is just merely a month old on the market and people are already trying hard to downplay it for features which can easily be added via FW updates, not permanent hardware limitation like underpowered GPU or inferior RAM or crappy tablet battery life etc. (Oops...shot fired?)

punisher991819d ago


" PS3 started pretty empty handed too as far as media support was concerned?"

Yes it did. But even at launch the PS3 could read the bare minimal formats MP3 and mp4 and even a few photo formats, and so did the PS vita. So what happened with the PS4? Why cant it read anything? And when has Sony ever not focused on games?? Them focusing on the gaming aspect for the PS4 is no excuse, because they've always done that.

badz1491819d ago

I did mention I'm not an apologist, right? I'm not gonna make excuses too. I too demand for at least the PS4 to be as good as the PS3 as a media center but as it stands now, it certainly isn't there yet but I think I'm willing to waiy for it to be fixed or added in later. It's not like I've already thrown my PS3 away. The PS3 still stands as the best multimedia device on the market now and hopefully the PS4 will catch up sooner rather than later.

And least Sony acknowledged the issues with the PS4 media capabilities and connectivities and promised to patch them in the upcoming updates. It's not like Kaz or Yosp come in and tell people to get the PS3 instead, right?

Can you imagine the backlash if they say "for multimedia, we have this device called the PS3 which can play all your movies and music"

(Oops...shot fired, again??)

frostypants1819d ago

And you'd have to pay $500 or $600 for it. Then you'd probably complain about that.

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Mr Blings1820d ago

I attempted to watch my first bluray this past weekend. It was the lack of audio options that had me baffled. I was watching Lord of the Rings: The fellowship of the ring.

My setup has my ps4 and ps3 running via hdmi to a hdmi switcher which then has a digital optical cable running to my receiver. My receiver has no hdmi options.

All I could get sound wise from the movie was pro-logic II or no sound at all. If under options I had dolby digital selected it would go to pro logic II (title screen would play in dolby digital but once movie starts bumps down. If I tried setting to DTS I would get nothing/no sound.

I suppose there has to be a simple fix I have not yet found but got frustrated and decided to watch on my ps3. No issues as usual with the ps3 went right into DTS on its own with no issues as I have dolby digital and DTS selected as usable audio options on ps3.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? games run fine in dolby digital. can't think of a game that runs only in DTS like some movies.

Jsoc1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I had the same problem , when the movie starts press the option button , there you will scroll to the settings . When that opens you will see the audio format .and u can change it there put it on Bitstrem(Direct) ... Hope this helps you out....

Mr Blings1819d ago

I'll give it a try! Thanks for the help

richierich1820d ago

I have noticed that the image quality on PS4 and XB1 is a lot worse for bluray movies than the PS3 I was kind of stunned when I watched Wrath Of The Titans it looks awful especially with all of the film grain