Can PS4 keep this up?

MCV: "250,000 consoles sold in two days means PS4 is already ahead in the next-gen console race.

But does a good launch really spell success for the future?

MCV talks to PlayStation president and CEO Andrew House on the future of its new machine, the role of retail and the death of consoles."

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Infamous2981825d ago

If Sony can keep up with the demand then sure.

badboy7761825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Keep in mind Sony is having all success with out having to push out all these Big Budget Ads Microsoft are kicking out like McDonald's and Commercial's during NFL Football games etc...

younglj011825d ago

Only problem I have now is the NFL ads I see for xbox one.I can't even watch ESPN without watching an Xbox 1 ad.It seems like every commercial break their is an XB1 ad.I understand they have an contract but the amount of ads is becoming overkill.

But on Sundays this problem is almost 3 times worst.I hate when the playoffs and SB arrive...

mikeslemonade1825d ago

I stopped watching NFL when I lost fantasy football. I'm winning in fantasy basketball so I've been watching plenty of PS4 commercials. I would say there's more PS4 commercials than X1 commercials on NBA TV, TNT, and NBA League pass.

Of course they will keep up the supply. The thing is they need to keep snowballing and drive demand because it is arguable that there is some sort of game drought right now. Which Sony is doing a great job of creating buzz for the PS4.

They need to keep buzzing and snowballing until Watch Dogs, Infamous, and Drive Club are released. Then all of sudden the PS4 gaming library is growing again and giving more reasons to on-the-fence consumers.

Volkama1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Demand is strong right now, but that'll subside at what, 6 million people? 10 million?

The other ~90 million people they will want to get on the platform are a whole different battle. How fast can they cost reduce the components? What content draws the more casual folk to pick the console up? Will those people even care at all this time around?

Last gen the console uptake seemed to explode at certain price points. Will Kinect stop MS hitting those points before Sony or will they just eat the loss? Will GDDR stubbornly retain a high price?

It's really not as simple as "I LIKE NAUGHTY DOG THE PLAYSTATION WILL WIN!"

cyphertech1825d ago

Keep up with demand, keep the games coming, and don't get arrogant. Always act like you're trying to play catch up. Always.

miyamoto1825d ago

PS4 is the underdog in America so....

i bet Sony is hungry...very very hungry!

GribbleGrunger1825d ago

Don't you mean 'can Sony keep this up'? I doubt the black box has reach sentience just yet.

Eonjay1825d ago

The question posed is:

"PS4 has enjoyed a strong launch. But then so did PSP and PS3, and neither platform went on to be market leaders. So does a good launch even matter?"

Its very early, but its worth noting that the PS4 is already the market leader in the UK. It is currently 53% ahead of Wii U Lifetime sales and 43% of the Xbox One.

Last week sales UK were:
PS4 73,979
XOne 31,924
WiiU 6,887

So they should be confident but not careless.

mcstorm1825d ago

Well said. Its too early to say X will beat Y. The PS4 is selling well and beating the xbox one but from what was said the xbox one would be way behind the PS4 and its not its holding its own at £80 more and a lot more negative press. The WiiU still looks like it is going to be in last place but it now looks like Nintendo are stepping up the game and they are not to be counted out as they were told they were doa with the 3DS yet look whats happened there.

For me I don't care who sells the most and who dose not. If Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft bring out the games I want I will buy there console and at the moment I have a WiiU and Xbox one as they both have game I want on them where the PS4 has not yet got any im interested in but im sure along the way it will as Driver Club is one im very interested in.

I want all 3 to do well as im a gamer not a fan boy and I can see the + points each company brings to the table which is better for us gamers.

Evilsnuggle1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

the only reason why XBoned is even close tO PS4 Sale is the USA. Americans we believe in brand loyalty . no other country in the world does . in most countries the best product on the market wins. But not the USA we have a hive or drone mentality. marketplace cool factors and Fads. Look at apple there products are inferior to the competition but sell better because its cool Factors. PS4 is superior To xBoned in everyway but the xboiz don't care about that they like xboned. USA sale PS4 60% xBoned 40% worldwide PS4 will out sell xBon3 4 to 1 lifetime Sells

classic191825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

the ps3 had a successful launch? i thought the ps3 only sold 3 million console in a year?" by today stander is that a success. i could be wrong on the numbers tho, i didn't look it up are nothing im just using memory. but you are completely right on, in your graft.

Magicite1824d ago

they must be like ninja - always prepared to strike harder/faster/more unexpected than previous time.

Max-Zorin1825d ago

All they have to do is not get Kaiba-Android 17 arrogant like they did seven years ago and they'll be fine.

MegaRay1825d ago

What a kaiba-android? if its anything like kaiba from yugioh but a robot then am all for it

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