Digimon Story: Cyber Truth announced for PS Vita

Due out in 2015, the game is a rule of right training RPG set in near future Japan. It features several real world locations, such as the city and station. An image in the magazine shows the hero walking in the real world with several Digimon.

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President1822d ago

Please bring this to the west!

BelkingOfSony1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I want this to get localised, if it doesn't, i'll import it since the psvita is region free. the digimon cartoons were epic, epic theme song, and epic monsters and the evolutions made the pokemon ones (in particular the ones after first and second gen) look like crap.

wargreymon > mega charizard

thejigisup1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Digimon on my vita this is very much welcomed here in the US please port

sypher1822d ago

wouldn't mind it either!

Tidybrutes1822d ago

Id play it if it came west. Wouldnt count on it though :/

nikrel1822d ago

My son will go bonkers, if this comes to the US.

kayoss1822d ago

My wife will go bonkers too if this comes to the US. She's a big Digimon and Pokemon fan.