The New Yorker's The Best Video Games of 2013

The New Yorker has name their best games of 2013. In it are 2 Wii U and 1 Nintendo 3DS exclusive titles, 2 PC exclusive titles, one Web exclusive, 1 PS Vita exclusive, 1 iOS exclusive, and 2 multiplatform title. The are no Sony or Microsoft console exclusives to be found.

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1824d ago
Transporter471823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Not the list I would of made, too many great games but some of the best ones are missing.

The Last of Us
Bioshock Infinite
GTA V....
almost forgot
Ni no Kuni :P

s45gr321823d ago

Nice list ok finally got Ni No Kuni it took Amazon almost a week to deliver it. Now I will play for a week, then come back and tell you whether is good or not. Second no mention of Path of Exile is really good check it out and dust an elysian tail yeah is also a pretty good game (I am not entirely sure of its release date)

s45gr321823d ago

Ok I will definitely check papers please and I will finally play Ni No Kuni which by Christmas Miracle I got it for $16.00 on Amazon ^_^.

My list is :

Path of Exile (out of Beta finally)
Dust an elysian tail (hopefully it came out this year)
So for me those are the best games of 2013, I played Doorways but is not as scary as I was hoping plus it looks like a PS2 game. Tomb Raider greatest intro ever then it becomes an improved version of Uncharted aaaaarrrrgghh and Russians really would of prefer Cannibals. Miasmata unable to hunt animals or gather food hmm other than that is a pretty good challenging game. Too many Steam games so little time to play them all

Neonridr1823d ago

Papers please was a surprise hit. Loved it.

s45gr321823d ago

Darn I will play it soon