Tom Clancy’s The Division Developer Interview

DailyGame: "Ubisoft and Massive are creating what could be one of the best next-gen games around. Hear more in this interview with the Tom Clancy's The Division team."

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theXtReMe11678d ago

Awesome interview that just sent my excitement level through the roof. The snowdrop engine seems like it is a powerhouse, when it comes to in game visuals, lighting, physics and destruction. I cant wait to see it implemented into more projects.

Great stuff! The future looks incredible, my friends.

classic191678d ago

yea it do look really good. i honestly thing this is the most next gen looking game in my opinion, tru next gen. that e3 demo was amazing, this is my most wanted game..

DanDan71678d ago

Watch the PS4 version be gimped and blurry compared to the XBone' surprised Sony hasnt adressed this issue to 3rd party studios. All ps4 multiplats lack detail purposedly due to M$ parity policy.

classic191678d ago

you might be right but, this game is a your are so off, so hopefully they will have a sense of things. i do find it funny tho, if devs continue to downgrade the p4 versions", when it was xbox vs ps3 devs was flat out telling ppl witch console was better to play there games on. i guess its a wait in see thing.